Monday, October 31, 2011

Officially 18

I'm now officially an adult!! Hooray for being an adult. Hahaha. So yesterday, I turned 18 and I wanna thank all the people who greeted me through text, Twitter and Facebook. Haven't read all of it yet. I will reply tomorrow, I promise! Yesterday was too much of a good vibe. We had mass at Don Bosco then went straight to Resorts World to watch The Sound of Music. Kenneth, Gyll and I have been planning to watch that play ever since it started. Our initial plan was to watch on the 29th but my parents wanted to watch it as well so we did it on my birthday.

And of course, Newport was just the right place for a perfect outfit shot. So here's what I wore on my special day:

I wanted to tone down the formal feel of the top so I tucked it under my skirt. And since, an all black outfit wouldn't match what I was celebrating, I decided to pair it with a printed skirt.

Top - Forever 21 || Skirt - Just G. || Necklace - Bangkok || Shoes - Aldo

Random bracelets || Love ring - Thrifted || Black ring - Aldo

There goes my first attempt of a walking shot. Hahaha.

So onto the activities of that day. The Sound of Music was just too amazing. I'd give it more than two thumbs up if only I have more thumbs. We caught the one starring Cris Villonco. Before watching, I was hoping we would catch Joanna Ampil since I heard that she was really good, but Cris Villonco played the part completely well too. And their voices, my goodness. I have goosebumps during the entire show. Please go and catch it until December 15. You won't regret it!

Too bad you're never allowed to take pictures during plays. :(

Another factor of the play was the Newport Theater. It's truly word class! They say it's even better than Broadway.

Lookie at the beautiful interior design. Bes was even telling us he wanted to take the seats home!

 Thank you Mommy and Daddy for everything that day!

Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me Gyll and Ken! You made it more special. Cheers to all the blurry pictures we had that day! (this was one of them)

We we're just too fascinated with the super fast BIS at Newport so we decided to have contest and see who has the fastest BIS. Looks like I lost, though. Hahaha.

After watching The Sound of Music, we had dinner then watched a movie. My parents and I stayed at Marriott Hotel that night. Beautiful, beautiful hotel. Sorry if I keep using the word beautiful too much. It's just everything at Newport was beautiful, it's like the Philippine's version of The Venetian. I hope the management takes good care of it. It's something us, Filipinos can be proud of!

Started my 18th year right, receiving so much love and good vibes from my family and friends. I'm really, really thankful. Now, I have to give back. Making all of my goals come true now that I'm old enough to know what I want and young enough to get it. Goodnight now. Wish you all had a lovely weekend!

Love, Paola <3

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  1. Happy B-Day Paola!!! ANd welcome to the adult's world!!! I wish you to live your life with much of luck, love and happiness!!!

    Take a look at my blog, if you wish!!!
    Kisses from Greece!!!