Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fashion, Blogging and Me

Warning: Long post ahead

“I don’t know what your generation’s fascination is with documenting your every thought online, but I can assure you: they’re not all diamonds.” (Easy A) Who says they are though? I read this quote from an article in the newspaper that my mom handed me today entitled “A fashion blogger reality check”. 

I, for one, do not consider myself as a fashion blogger. Although there was a time when I hoped and wished that my blog would be famous in its own right, that sponsors would send me free stuff, that I would become an ambassador of various brands. That’s when I started to conform to the rules of fashion blogging. But to be honest, doing that kind of messed up blogging for me. I felt pressured to do posts frequently or to keep my thoughts short enough that people would read and not skip it. So instead of being a hobby, it started to feel like an obligation. In one of the seminars I attended, a famous fashion blogger advised that you have to keep your posts short cause most people would not bother reading it. But this blog has a rule of its own and novel-length writing has always been one of my skills/problems (whatever you'd like to call it) ever since. A sentence such as "here's what I wore today" will never suffice all the things I say on my outfit. That’s when I knew I had to start from phase one. 

Writing has always been the best form of self expression I could find. What lead me to doing outfit post is still a mystery even to me, all I know is that I enjoy doing it leading to my developing interest and curiosity to fashion, which might probably be one of the few things I'm really passionate about. Doing this blog requires effort and energy but I find it rewarding in one way or another. When I do something, I do it because I want it, and I want it because I feel that it’s worth it!

I call this outfit the "I'm-off-to-the-safari-look". Animal print? Check! Different brown hues? Check! Edgy accessories? check! Fierce look? Still working on that...
Shirt, skirt and belt - H&M
Necklace - Heart Fashion
This necklace remind me of bullets. Probably the toughest thing one would find in my closet!
 Owl ring - Accessorize || Orange ring - H&M

Just a little arm party to break the monotony of my outfit!
  Flats - Yosi Samra

Love, Paola <3

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Minimalist Dressing

"Today's fashion disciples have made color-drenched, macabre black ensembles, and statement pieces the new standard stylish dressing, but this tendency begs the question: Who dares to wear classic white in a sea of maximalist dressers?" 

Did you get that? Sometime's I like to quote deep, informative statements that I do not understand! HAHA. It's taken from this month's issue of Metro magazine which I  personally thought of as the best issue I've ever read for a local magazine yet. What I like about the message is that with all trends that people try to keep up with, who dares to wear and go back to only basic dressing? Girls would agree on me when I say that sometimes, with all the stylish people around us, we cannot help but feel under dressed that's why we go with the latest fashion and what's in. But I'm learning that the most eye catching looks does not always come from trendy style but can also come from mere simplicity. :) 
Nothing too stylish here. Just simple whites paired together. Although I just cannot resist adding silver accessories! A classmate asked me once if wearing accessories can become hassle. Not at all! Although if the whole class is writing and there's a clanking and banging sound, that's probably just me and my bling blings...
Top - Bayo || Vest - Just G. || Skirt - Promod
Fringe necklace - Accessorize

 Flower bangle - Thrifted || Silver bangle - Aldo || Ring - Gift

Love, Paola <3

Monday, June 18, 2012

Spotted at Fashion 4.0

My usual school outfit - Tank top, skirt and eye catching accessory!

I'm at Fashion 4.0 - La Salle's official style hunters! 
Visit their site here.

Love, Paola <3

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Going 50's

Polka dots always remind me of the 50's when women wore full dresses with tulle underneath and when every outfit wasn't complete without a pair of gloves and when every waist was belted. The summer of my second year in high school, I took theater workshop and participated in a play called Grease. Although it was the time that I realized that acting was not one of my greatest talents, I did enjoy portraying a quirky, weird high school girl from the 50's named Jan. My costume included a fuschia pink skirt with a big, big tulle, a thick black belt and a black shirt with a neon orange scarf plus Jan's signature pigtails. I remember that my 13 year old self was so proud that time for being able to put all those pieces together in less than a minute amidst the chaotic backstage we had. Reminiscing of those times since this outfit took me back to that particular memory!

Posting this picture first since I really like but it doesn't qualify as outfit shot when you can't see the outfit. So just randomly posting it instead. :))

And onto proper outfit shots...

 This skirt is so pretty I'm sure all the women in the 50's would be so proud of its creator! Haha. I love the whole paper bag and button down style. All I did was pair it with a simple top and a bead necklace as the only accessory and just let the skirt do the talking!
White tank - F&X || Cover up (used as top) - For Me || Skirt - Ever New
Necklace - Accessorize
A pretty flower earring that came out of nowhere in my bedroom.

Belt  - Ever New

Love, Paola <3

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Private Reading and Real-life Dressing

"Real-life dressing calls for dark minded styling."

I've always had deep love for books. Fully Booked and Powerbooks are complete haven to me and I could spend an entire day in them, just privately reading one book to another. Last week though, I discovered yet another treasure in bookstores: fashion books! Most fashion books are sooooo expensive that you can already buy an entire outfit or a pair of new shoes with their amount. This outfit could not be anymore perfect since all I did that day was sit on the floor and secretly hope that no other person would come to the corner that I was staying on since I was privately bonding with the words of Coco Chanel, Lauren Conrad, and Teen Vogue Handbook among other things. Like what they say, knowledge is free! Literally. :))

My first pair of high waist shorts! :) High waist ashorts are magically created to create the illusion of longer legs! Plus points since they came with pretty prints that all I have to do is pair with a contrasting bright color and ta-da! You can see me even if I'm 10 feet away!
Shirt - Debenhams || Shorts - H&M
Necklace - Thrifted
Bangles - Gift

Belt - Ever New
Two toned ring - Market! Market! || Flower ring - Mia Casa || Pink ring - H&M

Love, Paola <3

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


During my elementary years, Christmas parties were such a big deal to everyone since it was the only day we can all dress up. My mom really buys me a new outfit for Christmas parties in school. In grade 5 she suggested that I buy a denim pleated skirt that were so in during the early 2000s but I decided to stick with pants and a shirt instead. I can even remember the outfit I wore, khaki pants and a white tee with butterfly design only to find out that almost all the girls in my class are wearing denim pleated skirts. I felt so out of place that the next day, I decided to buy one. Haha! Since then, denim skirts became a big part of my wardrobe and then college came, and me needing no-brainer outfits that's why I decided to welcome printed skirts in my closet. And then just recently, I started to love mullet skirts. And just last Sunday, I wore my first ever maxi skirt. Well, semi-maxi skirt. It's amazing how trends evolve, and how your style evolves with them! :)

I was hesitant at first, since I was scared that it would make me look smaller but I guess it's all about the styling, like finding your waist and letting a belt cinch it then even without heels, it can even give you extra height!
Top - Forever 21 || Skirt - Cache Cache
I actually got this necklace from the Legaspi Sunday Market we went to. It's so simple yet so innovative, I can do so many things with it!
Bangles - Aldo || Eiffel tower ring - Apostrophe || Ring - H&M

Belt - Cache Cache

Love, Paola <3

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Thoughts on Boxing

Here's to a day when Manny Pacquiao lost the fight but won the hearts of almost everyone. And here's where I'll start to give my real thoughts on boxing. Before that, can I just say that Pacquiao is a hero simply because he has given Filipinos something solid to be proud of. But in all honesty, I think that boxing is too violent and too brutal to be considered a sport. I personally think that it's weird and a little cold hearted to cheer one person as he practically murders another person. I know that's quite an exaggeration since I haven't heard anyone die from boxing. Yet. But what can we do, right? It's hard not to support and cheer for Manny's victory. I'm all for Manny winning but I don't think I'm for Bradley losing. This is why I don't like boxing. I haven't quite figured out what I really feel about it. 
Unless of course they start to develop something like Real Steel where only controlled robots tear each other apart. That's when I'll start loving it, I guess since it's just like playing a video game. But with the kind of setup that we have in boxing today, well, that's just like Hunger Games isn't it? Throwing people in the arena (in this case, boxing ring) and finding entertainment in seeing them hurt each other until the other one can't take it anymore. The only difference is that they're not force to do it, or aren't they? That and the fact that they're paid billions of dollars. 

Anyway, my parents and I watched it live at Barcino in Greenbelt. It's my first time to actually watch a whole boxing fight from start to finish and can I just say that I don't get it! People would cheer and shout on moments that I would cringe. Definitely not for the faint hearted. Thank God for Twitter and people's clever take on insults. Haha! Now that's entertainment!
Outfit post tomorrow! :)

Love, Paola <3

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Inspiration Board: June

I have a cork board that I was supposed to transform into my inspiration board but instead it stays hidden in my closet for the reason that I don't know where to put it if I finish it and because if ever I have a real life inspiration board, I'd end up changing it weekly or even daily since I get inspiration from so many things. To solve the problem, I decided to make one on my blog instead and do it monthly! Here is a collage of the things that gives me good vibes this month!

Love, Paola <3

Friday, June 8, 2012

School Staple

La Salle is like a big, big, catwalk. Everyday students strut down the hallways and corridors in their outfits. Sometimes, I like to walk slowly in SJ walk (it's the longest hallway in our school) and just observe everybody's outfit. Some are simple, some are surely noticeable but all are absolutely different. Being in a no-uniform university, I see it as a challenge to dress up. The other day, my professor noticed the bangles I was wearing that he used it as an example for the whole period. But aside from being dressed up and being apart from the crowd, the most important thing in school outfit is comfort. With all the walking and changing classrooms and going here and there, back and forth, we all need the most reliable piece of clothing.

Leggings and tank tops are always my go to outfit whenever I need to be able to move around. But to add a little style in them, I just layered a denim top and big accessories. For the whole classes (mine was 8-6 pm) I needed to be in the the most comfortable clothes possible by adding just a few chic pieces, I get the best of both worlds.
  Top - CC Double O || Leggings - Kids of Bayo

Flower ring - Forever 21
Butterfly ring - Accessorize || Bangles - H&M 

Thanks dear for taking my outfit shots! I always have the best fashion talks with you. :)

Love, Paola <3