Monday, October 17, 2011

Therese @ 18

My friend and classmate since second year high school, Therese Resurreccion, celebrated her 18th birthday last October 13 and she had her debut last night. I was really, really happy for her cause she's a lady now. She always seemed so cute and so sweet and so happy and now she just turned into a lady. I wish you all the best Therese!

Her debut was held at Betty's, known for its famous sansrival that I have yet to try. It's a vintage themed party! I love the feel of the place because of it's yellow lighting and all around pink design. Unfortunately though, some of our friends weren't able to make it because of problems with transportation and the party being a Sunday night. :( You were missed guys! I had to leave at 10pm since I have 8am class in the morning, good thing her program did end by 10 so I didn't miss anything. Yaay!

So here's what I wore to the event:

It may not be too obvious in the picture but I think I had a little too much make up for the event. Usually, my mom does my make up and my hair during events and parties. I like it because I can achieve the look that I aim for. And I think that my mom mastered my face already. Hahaha. But this time though, we came from Galleria with the family so I had my hair and make up done at the salon. It wasn't bad, infact I think it was really nice. It's just that salons never achieve the "light make-up" look I always long for. I never liked the oh-so made up looked. I go for au naturale. For this look, I was aiming for super duper light make up, red lips and soft bun to go with my black dress.

Dress by Larry Zuniga

Ring - Aldo || Bag - Esprit

Shoes - Charles and Keith

Therese's party host! I swear, he was so funny and cute! I absolutely love his coats! There was never a dull moment last night. He was friendly too. When I entered the place, I kind of bumped into him and he told me, "I so love your dress." And I replied by saying, "Thank you, I love your coat!" And then he goes, "I know, I love it too." So adorable!

Table buddies! With Nicole and Aldrin.

With Zhinny, showing off our rings. I missed you! >:D<

After taking our outfit shots! All photos are (c) Aldrin Cabalu. Thank you Aldrin for taking and posting my outfit shots!

And of course, with our very pretty debutante. Thank you again for last night Therese! Love you!

After 3 parties on the first 3 weeks of October, I am done with all the dressing up and partying. Time to face other events now, October is such an eventful month for me!

Love, Paola <3

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