Thursday, October 27, 2011

3 Days Left

Yesterday is one of those days that even if you have no class, you're still so busy. I started my day studying in the morning, then left the house at around 2pm to go to school to pass some papers. La Salle was so eventful that day. Faced heavy traffic on my way to school. Seriously, traffic always stress me out. Sometimes I wish I could just fly. But that won't do either since I hate the feeling of being in a plane. Hahaha. I will try and narrate my busy day through the use of pictures.

But first, here's my outfit yesterday:

I know, I know. I look EXTREMELY short in this picture. It was because my photographer was too much in hurry to take proper shots, hahaha. Hi Francis!

Laced top - Zara || Black tank top underneath - Debenhams || Pants - Kashieca

Necklace - Accessorize || Bracelet - Gift

I like the outfit I was able to put together yesterday, I was in the mood to dress up a bit. Folded my pants too, to put more style to it. 

I had a total of three outfit shots yesterday. One at home before leaving, one in school (which is what I used), then one in The Fort. I was being a perfectionist yesterday. I promise to post better outfit shots for the coming days! And now, a recap of my busy day:

As I've mentioned, it was an eventful day for La Salle yesterday. Only now did I found out why. It was because it's Centennial World Congress from October 26 - 30. I was leaving school already cause I was in a hurry but I got a call from Francis asking me to stay so that he can have pictures with these guys. Hahaha.

Hi Inna and Francis!

AND! CSB's theatre group, Dulaang Filipino, also performed in different parts of La Salle yesterday. One of them was my bestfriend, Neil. After four years of friendship, it was my first time to see him act! Hahaha. I enjoyed watching, even if I stayed for only a short time. Congrats DF!

Look at him, totally oblivious I was watching. Hahaha.

Then after stopping by school, went straight to Highstreet for a meeting with my coordinator. We had dinner at Stock Market Cafe. I had my last outfit shot right there at that spot but I decided not to post it. Hahaha. Just gonna post this picture of my parents instead.

Noticed something different with my outfit shots and the rest of the pictures in my blog? It's because the other pictures had only enhanced contrast. My outfit shots, on the other hand, was professionally edited my by best friend, Kenneth. Asked him to put some magic into my photos and TADA! 

So there goes everything that happened to my day. Last day tomorrow and it will be long weekend already. So excited for weekend plans! How's your Thursday so far?

Love, Paola <3

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