Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chasing Pavements

Yaaay, blogging about something on the day itself! I seldom get to do this. I always end up blogging about something the day after, which causes the excessive use of "yesterday" in my blog entries. But today, I will be using "today". Hahaha. It's just an ordinary Thursday, I guess. I woke up early, went home early and hopefully, get to sleep early too!

So anyway, today I had the longest shoot for my outfit shots! My best friend brought his SLR camera so the pictures we're amazing. And can I just say that the Yuchengco Building has the greatest lighting ever! It may not seem like it when you're just walking in its corridors or sitting in its classroom. The magic happens when you see it behind the lens. Seriously, greatest lighting ever! Finally a proper outfit shot on my blog. I've decided to post an outfit shot the way other bloggers do it by crediting the brand or the store.

Top - Zara || Skirt - Topshop || Ring - Thrifted || Shoes - Crocs || Bag - From mom

By far, my favorite skirt in my closet!

I have an obsession for pictures with yellow lighting!

I really enjoyed my first proper outfit shot shoot! We made sure we maximized the space, from the wall, to the platform, to the window, to the chairs! Then tried the corridors and stairs. It was a rainy day so it was all indoor shots. Learning to love photography now that I'm also experiencing being a photographer! I hope it's a hobby that I develop into a talent.

And since all my pictures are (c) Kenneth Virtudazo, I will do him a favor by helping him advertise his new blog! Please visit! I tried to convince him to do a blog since he is enjoying outfit shots so much. Please, please, please visit his blog, Indubitable Me. I shall try and convince more people to enter the blogger world now!

But before I end this blogspot, I'd like to greet Aldrin Cabalu a happy, happy birthday! I hope you're having a great one, I love you so much! >:D< Please visit his wonderful blog too,

Oh and last picture, I just found this one too cute! I love the boy-girl color feel. I've decided to name my phone. So friends, I introduce to you, Mimi! Okay, too much weirdness now. Bye!

Love, Paola <3

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