Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Big Pockets

Nothing much to say on this blog post. I just really wanted to post my outfit which was long overdue. I wore this outfit to school last Tuesday which has big pockets on both my top and my skirt hence my title. Things we're as usual, nothing out of the ordinary. But it was a good day, still. I had this report for my marketing subject that I was really nervous for since my professor was kind of strict when it comes to reporting. I was so happy that she liked my report and everything went well. I'm striving really hard for this marketing subject. I wanna put my 100% effort in it even though it's not my major yet. So wish me luck!

Here's what I wore to school:

Top - Bayo || Skirt - Forever 21 || Shoes - Crocs 

I know I've mentioned so many times in my previous blog posts my love for yellow lighting but I think I'm getting sick of it now. Hahaha. These pictures are just too yellow and it was hard making it bearable to look at. So enough of the yellow lighting and hopefully, more of the outdoor outfit shots. It's just that it's either too hot or it's raining hard these past few days. I want an autumn / fall weather! How I wish.

Meet my cute elephant necklace!

Most Lasallians are having their midterm week this week. I just have an ordinary week. Though next week, while they're back to their normal week, I'm going to be having my midterm week. Almost all of my midterm exams are scheduled for next week. :( So the weekend would just be study, study, study for me! I love being home this early on Thursdays. It gives me time to make a proper blog and update myself on other blogs as well. How's your Thursday so far?

Love, Paola <3

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