Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's La Salle We Choose!

Out of the 5 La Salle-Ateneo games in my college years, I've watched 4. I'm no basketball fan, in fact, I know so little about the sport that I rely on other people to explain all the violations and rules and hand signals. And out of the 4 games, La Salle only won once. So why do I even bother? The atmosphere in a La Salle-Ateneo game is different, something only students past and present would understand. The rivalry is so strong that you can't help but raise your school spirit at its highest level. The game, the players, people's shouts and cheers - it's so intense that I don't mind putting so much effort in finding tickets since simply being there was so worth it already! Other universities put up good games of course, but the first DLSU vs ADMU game of every UAAP season is always the biggest!

So yes, it was another loss but we don't even care! It was a very intense game and for a minute there, Ateans have to admit that they got scared too! HAHA Anyway, it was well played even though the final score has a 10-point difference. Till the next game, Blue Eagles!

 First quarter. :(
 Go Animo squad!!!

 GLORIOUS MOMENT RIGHT HERE!!!!! La Salle crowd went wild, everyone was shouting and cheering and jumping!!

 Final score! Congrats Ateneo! :)

Thank you crazy people for this super epic day! <3

Love, Paola <3

Friday, July 20, 2012

EK Adventure

Last Saturday, my friend Nikka had her birthday celebration on EK. Ironic how she celebrated her first official year as an adult in an amusement park! And how everyone was so game and so excited about it! Glad to have friends as childish as I am. Haha. So anyway, our EK trip was long overdue, something we planned 2 years ago over pizza. There's something about me and my college friends. Our plans hardly ever happen so I was really excited for this! Anyway, it's such a challenge to put to words all that has happened that day. It started when the sun was beating down on us and I promised myself not to ride water rides then found myself in the Jungle Log as first ride, looking for aircon as our refuge, the lunch, the games, going crazy over Rio Grande rain or shine, backing out of Space Shuttle ride, the feeling of losing your heart on EKstreme, being dragged and pep talked for the Space Shuttle ride, actually riding it (!!!!!), the fireworks and all the serious/funny/happy stories in the car on the way home!

 Hi Franciiiiis! :">

 Just a side story, all my friends now that I am a scaredy cat so it's no surprise that I backed out of riding the roller coaster for the first time even though I had prepared myself for it already. Four of us stayed behind and watched about 10 sets of roller coaster rides while deciding whether to go for it or not. And since it's such a shame that I have never tried it before, I decided to give it a go and ask my friends to drag me into it the second time. It was dark already when they decided to ride it again and I was so ready to back out (again) but after some dragging and lots and lots of pep talk I actually did it! *pats self on the back*

 First batch of brave souls!
 Hahaha faces guys! :))

 The magic ziplock that contained all our treasures aka wallets and blackberry's and iPhone's and cameras 

 It's my second time already to ride the EKstreme so I was braver this time! This is when we were still all brave and happy and smiling....
 Then we started to regret our decision...
And it all ends with the "oh my gosh I'm shaking" moment! 
 Yay, we did it! 

 Space Shuttle pep talk happening at the back! HAHA


Love, Paola <3

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Garden Full of Yellow Bells

School is such a demanding place. Although midterm week has just passed and I didn't have any midterm exam, I am now swamped with reports and papers to write. My planner is full of things to do for the coming weeks that I just end up staring at it instead of starting to do it. Right now, I just want to be back in this beautiful garden filled with this beautiful yellow flowers just to clear my mind a bit! This has got to be my favorite location out of all my outfit shot. It's so vintage! And speaking of vintage, I perfectly matched the set with my scarf print skirt. Scarf prints are slowly becoming a trend again and it reminds me of our grandmas' good old days. Normally, I try to experiment by pairing skirts with colors other than white but I want the whole theme of these outfit to be nothing but classy! 

What spells classy other than gold accents? Simplicity was another goal that's why I decided to pair the skirt with just a white polo to make it the star of the outfit. Then added touches of gold and nude color to keep the vibe going. It's a little old school and I know my grandmas' would be proud! 
Top - Bayo || Skirt - Topshop
Necklace - Bazaar

Pink ring - Accessorize || Butterfly ring - Rustan's

Belt - Debenhams
Shoes - Fancy Flats

Love, Paola <3