Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Super Cheerio

It's early morning and someone already made my day! Who is she? My friend, Grace de Luna. So I opened my twitter account this morning and saw her mention to KenAldrin and me. It was a link to her blog post, and guess what it contained:

It's a blog post about us! I swear, I was just so touched that I had to print screen it. Don't you just love the picture? And the title as well! Fashion bloggers on the rise. Grace is one of the few people I know who can edit photos really, really well. I wish I had that talent.  Hahaha. It's just nice to know that my friends and  I support each other's blog so much. I make sure that more than anyone else, I am updated on their blog. I'm so glad that I've been getting this much support from them that's why I always make sure to give it back. And to my non-blogger friends who  never fails to support our blogs as well, we love you all so much! And of course also to my family who keep viewing my blog, too!

So please do me a favor and be a constant visitor of Grace's blog, here are some teasers of how amazing she is:

Our dear alma matter!

I just love how this was edited!

ALL PICTURES ARE FROM HER BLOG. I did not put my usual black borders so as not to ruin her photos! Again, visit supercheerio.tumblr.com. Thank you! Now on to my next blog post.

Love, Paola <3

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