Monday, October 17, 2011

Lazy Monday

Monday again. I was feeling lazier than usual today starting from the moment I woke up. I had my alarm at 5am and when it alarmed changed it to 5:15 and ended up taking a bath at 5:30. I was early at school today, though. I just love La Salle in the morning. It looks so peaceful and so quiet. I didn't wanna go up to my classroom first because it has this super sleepy atmosphere because the lights are always off before sir comes in. So I had my alone time and walked around La Salle.

So anyway, going back to my laziness. Really, there must be something wrong with me today. I was so lazy to move, to do anything, sometimes even to speak. Or maybe I'm just tired since I never get to rest on weekends now. But I love how everything is so hectic, though. I love the feeling of being busy. So I must find that needed rest tonight to have all my energy back by tomorrow.

What made my lazy day interesting? It was meeting up with two of my most favorite people a.k.a. my best friends! During my break, we decided to visit Neil since I haven't seen him for so long already! We missed you Neil! Glad that you, Ken and I got to bond today. >:D<

Here's what I wore to school today:

Lazy day = Lazy outfit

Top - Forever 21 || Pants - Guess || Belt - Forever 21 || Ribbon Necklace - Bazaar

So anyway, since Neil has this subject that instantly transformed him into a great artist and since he was needing another portrait he decided to draw Ken since he already drew me (will post the picture later). And well, for fun, I decided to draw Ken too and turn it into a contest!

He was teaching me the techniques! And then suddenly he goes, "Ba't ba kita tinuturuan, hindi mo naman inaayos!" HAHAHA.

When we were about to show the outcome! Scared to show my finish product!

Tada! The final product! I don't know if our model was happy with our results, though. Hahaha.

As you now can see, I am NOT blessed with the skill and the talent of being a good artist. Or even just being an artist for that matter. Hahaha.

And there goes the multiple shots. I love the happy faces in these photo!

What I love about being with these two is the endless laughter we share whenever we're together. Thank you guys, you saved my Monday. >:D<

Neil's drawing! Does it resemble me? This deserves a 4.0! 

Love this picture of them! Visit their blog, Kenneth Virtudazo and Neil Arce.

Goodnight now! I shall master my report for tomorrow. Hope you all had a good Monday!

Love, Paola <3

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