Friday, August 31, 2012

Dressing for the tigers

Hello from underground! Haha. My blog is so abandoned already. :( So just a little update, finals week is up and I've just finished studying 4 powerpoint presentations about economics so I decided to reward myself with a movie before going to bed. And the movie is Crazy Little Thing Called Love, a Thai movie I've watched a minimum of 10 times so I'm still feeling a little mushy since rom-coms have that effect on me. Oh and by the way, I'm really excited for the La Salle-Ateneo game tomorrow for UAAP which sadly I won't be watching live since I have to stay home and study. :( But, go La Salle! And that's an update on all the things that's on my mind right now.. unless of course you want to know all about the importance of foreign aid and what is the impact of globalization on our economy. But I'll save you the details!

This outfit was worn the day we went to Subic to come with my dad for an activity. The itinerary involved discovering the place and going to the safari. The first thing my mom pointed out was that I'm too glammed up for our plans. But I really, really liked my outfit and I'm sure the tigers wouldn't mind! Haha! But anyway, we ended up not going to the safari since it rained really hard. When dressing up, my motto has always been: "there is no such thing as over or underdressed, there is only personal style."
Necklace - Accessorize
Laced top - Zara
Leggings - Marks & Spencer
Bangles - Accessorize
Bag - Longchamp

My blog misses you! :)

Love, Paola <3>

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Today I finished a book written by John Green called The Fault In Our Stars. I was never a good story teller so I'm not going to narrate this book (you can check the synopsis here). Being a bookworm, I've read so many books in the past that have affected me one way or another. But TFIOS is different. It made me look at things a little differently. Somehow, it made me notice things I ignored before. I am a sentimental reader, no doubt. But TFIOS contains so many insights on random things and about life in general that although it is a work of fiction, you can't help put yourself in the characters' shoes and question the things she question or realize all her realizations or feel all the emotion that she experiences. A book that contains bittersweet realities combined with a heart wrenching love story written by an author with acclaimed writing skills is a no fail book. Most of the time I am lost for the right adjectives to describe the book so I won't torture and wrack my brain for a word to fit this one. Just like what one of the characters, Augustus, said: My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations. But this is the kind of book that you put right beside your pillow or the one with highlighted phrases and quotes that you live by or simply just the old, used book you'll want to pass onto your  future sons and daughters.

Warning though, it's a depressing book and it involves a deep and painful topic which I know some people do not prefer as a genre. But I find joy in reading books in this genre. It's not about what was left of/to the characters in the ending but what has become of them through the journey of the story. I have found my new favorite author in John Green!!!

Love, Paola <3>

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Plead to Mr. Sun

Dear Mister Sun, 
You've been gone a while leaving us cruel rainy days
And though the weather is perfect of hot chocolate, now we would like you stay
You're a big, hot blaring ball of fire
Tank tops, sunblock, umbrella - that's what you require
But now we need you back
So please cut us some slack
I'll end this nonsensical poem with a quote from Barney
"Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me." 
And that's how you create a first grader poem - end every line with basic rhyming words and just string a bunch of silly phrases in between! As I type this, strong winds are yet again blowing outside, rattling my windows in a horror movie kind of way. Everyone is still trying to get back to normal ways after the calamity that the nameless hanging habagat brought us last week so I really do hope that the sun listens to my poetic call. 

 To match my plead for sunshine, here's a colorful outfit that screams "summer"! One can only wear so much cardigans on rainy days like these. And although it is a risk wearing such a summer-y outfit, it's fun to be a walking epitome of rainbows and crayons when others are in hoodies and long sleeves all day!  
 Top - Forever 21 || Skirt - from Korea 
 Necklace - Style Hub
Bangles - Accessorize || Ring - H&M

 Belt - XOXO
Flats - Yosi Samra

Stay safe and dry everyone!

Love, Paola <3>

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Galactic Paradise

Classes are suspended yet again. I have a love-hate relationship with classes suspension, love cause what kind of student doesn't love cancelled classes and hate cause after 5 minutes of being at home, I'm bored already and I start to wish that I'm in school instead. The gloomy weather of this past weeks translate to my school outfit which is mostly skirt/leggings, tank top and cardigan combo. I'm forgoing fancy shoes for my reliable Toms and only wearing the necessary accessory which is my watch and earrings. If I wake up a little earlier, I might throw on a necklace or stack up on big bangles which my professors never fail to notice. And whenever my time gets a little cramped up, blogging is always the first one to go on my checklist. But I love it too much to deactivate it yet so I shall shower it with random posts of my ramblings about this and that to keep it alive!

 Although lazy dressing is becoming my everyday peg, I try to keep atleast one piece of clothing item interesting. No need to guess what's interesting for this outfit! My galaxy printed leggings are like eye magnets, I see people staring at it even from a far. It also merited a few compliments that day. And though I'm sure it would look good with another colorful/printed top, my choice was to stay safe with a white button and a few accessories in the same color tones.
White polo - Mango || Leggings - Topshop || Bag - Lacoste
Necklace - Market! Market!

Silver bangle - Aldo || Crystal flower bangle - thrifted || Silver flower bangle - old 

Love, Paola <3>