Monday, October 31, 2011

Officially 18

I'm now officially an adult!! Hooray for being an adult. Hahaha. So yesterday, I turned 18 and I wanna thank all the people who greeted me through text, Twitter and Facebook. Haven't read all of it yet. I will reply tomorrow, I promise! Yesterday was too much of a good vibe. We had mass at Don Bosco then went straight to Resorts World to watch The Sound of Music. Kenneth, Gyll and I have been planning to watch that play ever since it started. Our initial plan was to watch on the 29th but my parents wanted to watch it as well so we did it on my birthday.

And of course, Newport was just the right place for a perfect outfit shot. So here's what I wore on my special day:

I wanted to tone down the formal feel of the top so I tucked it under my skirt. And since, an all black outfit wouldn't match what I was celebrating, I decided to pair it with a printed skirt.

Top - Forever 21 || Skirt - Just G. || Necklace - Bangkok || Shoes - Aldo

Random bracelets || Love ring - Thrifted || Black ring - Aldo

There goes my first attempt of a walking shot. Hahaha.

So onto the activities of that day. The Sound of Music was just too amazing. I'd give it more than two thumbs up if only I have more thumbs. We caught the one starring Cris Villonco. Before watching, I was hoping we would catch Joanna Ampil since I heard that she was really good, but Cris Villonco played the part completely well too. And their voices, my goodness. I have goosebumps during the entire show. Please go and catch it until December 15. You won't regret it!

Too bad you're never allowed to take pictures during plays. :(

Another factor of the play was the Newport Theater. It's truly word class! They say it's even better than Broadway.

Lookie at the beautiful interior design. Bes was even telling us he wanted to take the seats home!

 Thank you Mommy and Daddy for everything that day!

Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me Gyll and Ken! You made it more special. Cheers to all the blurry pictures we had that day! (this was one of them)

We we're just too fascinated with the super fast BIS at Newport so we decided to have contest and see who has the fastest BIS. Looks like I lost, though. Hahaha.

After watching The Sound of Music, we had dinner then watched a movie. My parents and I stayed at Marriott Hotel that night. Beautiful, beautiful hotel. Sorry if I keep using the word beautiful too much. It's just everything at Newport was beautiful, it's like the Philippine's version of The Venetian. I hope the management takes good care of it. It's something us, Filipinos can be proud of!

Started my 18th year right, receiving so much love and good vibes from my family and friends. I'm really, really thankful. Now, I have to give back. Making all of my goals come true now that I'm old enough to know what I want and young enough to get it. Goodnight now. Wish you all had a lovely weekend!

Love, Paola <3

Saturday, October 29, 2011


See previous post for title explanation. Hahaha. Despite everything, I honestly enjoyed last night with my friends and my parents. Oh well, stuff happens. At least I have a story to tell. We slept at the beautiful G hotel last night. Have to make this post quick since we're off to church and Resorts World!

Here's what I wore to Philippine Fashion Week last night:

Wore this dress already to party I attended before but I feel like I didn't do it justice the last time I wore it. So I'm giving it justice now. 

Printed dress - Forever 21 || Shoes - Aldo || Necklace - Forever 21

Ring and Bangle - Aldo Accessories 

At exactly 12 midnight, my parents played our "birthday cd" that we've been playing for years and gave me their present. Will talk about this on next time! I still have the whole day ahead of me!

Thank you for all the greetings I have been getting since last night. I love you all! Thank you so much for this day, and the past 18 years as well! Can't believe it I'm an adult already. Will try to act like one now. Hahaha. Have a great day!

Love, Paola <3

Philippine Fashion Week

I'm just too happy this day to even put bitterness into my words to describe our epic fail experience last night. But I would just like to share the story. So last Sunday, my best friend called, inviting me to go the Penshoppe's show for Philippine Fashion Week. I was excited for the whole week! I planned my outfit carefully. And when I found out that Mario Maurer is gonna open the show, I could not wait for Saturday night!!!

So when it finally arrived, I honestly did not mind waiting in the long line that Penshoppe. I honestly thought that they we're going to use all the halls at SMX's ground floor. I did not know they were only using one! We waited in line for about 2 hours. Good thing there wasn't a dull moment with Ken's cousin. Then after waiting in line for an hour, Zhinny and her family finaly came which even made waiting more fun. The next thing we knew, the line started to move slowly. And move slowly. Until people we're running towards the entrance already. Then we heard the doors close. Then we saw that the show was starting already. Then the big crowd left outside started booing and shouting. Then that's when we decided to leave and give up. There's no way they're going to open the doors again if they don't want a stampede.

It's just extremely disappointing, Penshoppe's poor system. They kept on giving out invites, not considering the place's capacity. I don't wanna make accusations but this is definitely Philippine Fashion Week's first failure. People actually spent money just for wasted time. I was just invited but I'm already frustrated, come to think of what other people are feeling, especially  Mario Maurer's fans who actually went through a lot effort in order to get invites?

Oh well. There's always next season. And other brands. Hahaha.

Good thing I was with these two people (and their families), it made my night special despite what happened. Thank you to both of you. >:D<

Who says you lose your poise by sitting on the floor in a dress, in high heels? Hahaha.

Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong lines.

No hating. Just wanna share my thoughts. I know Penshoppe did not want this to happen too. Off to my next blog post! Outfit shots for that night!

Love, Paola <3

Thursday, October 27, 2011


It's time to put something on my blog that I used to only write on my diary or on a piece of paper that only I get to see. It's my *drum roll please* WISHLIST! Hahaha. Okay, don't mind that. I kind of do this every year when the "ber" months start but it is usually for my eyes only, but now I decided to share it to you guys for fun. And to kill time as well. I'm currently in the library. Just finished my two midterms, and I'm taking a break from reviewing for the last one later.

I remember when I was a kid, I used to write this down on a piece of paper and put it on our Christmas tree for Santa to get. Yes, I have been doing that for more or less 7 years until my grandma finally decided that it's about time Santa gets revealed to me, aka my mom and dad. Hahaha.

So onto my wishlist:

1. Accessories - Loads and loads and loads. Haha. Ever since I was a little girl, I have love for accessories. I remember having those matching choker, bracelets and dangling earrings with Hello Kity as the pendant. Hahaha. Now I'm on to big chunky necklaces and big rings.

2. Skiiiiirts! - My skirts are definitely the best items I have in my closet. Ever since I started college, I have developed this great love for skirts. I can just wear them everyday if not for La Salle's rules, not to mention the scarcity it might make in my closet. Hahaha. Bubble, ruffled, pencil, bandage skirts! I'm even wondering if I can pull off a maxi skirt with my height.

3. Denim Polo - Of all the items in my wishlist, this is probably the easiest one to find. But for some reason, the two of us never seem to cross paths whenever I go shopping.

4. Hermoine's Magic Bag - Yes! Hermoine's magical bag that could fit an entire house or even more. I absolutely need this especially lately that I have been feeling a slight pain on my right shoulder due to carrying my bags. I can't help it. I have lots of stuff and there's just no way it wouldn't make my bag heavy. :( 

5. Chandelier - Doesn't every girl dream of having a chandelier in her own bedroom? Even if I'm probably gonna bump my head to it if I put it in my room, I won't mind at all.

6. An Eiffel Tower standee - Probably gonna spend most of my time gushing and taking pictures of this if I have it in my room.

7. Pink convertible car - Since I don't speak cars, I don't care about the brand. I'll be feeling like Barbie-slash-Sharpay-slash-Paris Hilton when I drive around in these! Hahaha.

8. Baby Panda - Somebody please go to China and bring me this, I will love you to bits and pieces for the rest of my life!!!!!!

So there goes my very possible and achievable wishlist. Hahaha. Okay, will start studying again now. Will post my outfit shot later when I get home. School stuff again! Take care!

Love, Paola <3

3 Days Left

Yesterday is one of those days that even if you have no class, you're still so busy. I started my day studying in the morning, then left the house at around 2pm to go to school to pass some papers. La Salle was so eventful that day. Faced heavy traffic on my way to school. Seriously, traffic always stress me out. Sometimes I wish I could just fly. But that won't do either since I hate the feeling of being in a plane. Hahaha. I will try and narrate my busy day through the use of pictures.

But first, here's my outfit yesterday:

I know, I know. I look EXTREMELY short in this picture. It was because my photographer was too much in hurry to take proper shots, hahaha. Hi Francis!

Laced top - Zara || Black tank top underneath - Debenhams || Pants - Kashieca

Necklace - Accessorize || Bracelet - Gift

I like the outfit I was able to put together yesterday, I was in the mood to dress up a bit. Folded my pants too, to put more style to it. 

I had a total of three outfit shots yesterday. One at home before leaving, one in school (which is what I used), then one in The Fort. I was being a perfectionist yesterday. I promise to post better outfit shots for the coming days! And now, a recap of my busy day:

As I've mentioned, it was an eventful day for La Salle yesterday. Only now did I found out why. It was because it's Centennial World Congress from October 26 - 30. I was leaving school already cause I was in a hurry but I got a call from Francis asking me to stay so that he can have pictures with these guys. Hahaha.

Hi Inna and Francis!

AND! CSB's theatre group, Dulaang Filipino, also performed in different parts of La Salle yesterday. One of them was my bestfriend, Neil. After four years of friendship, it was my first time to see him act! Hahaha. I enjoyed watching, even if I stayed for only a short time. Congrats DF!

Look at him, totally oblivious I was watching. Hahaha.

Then after stopping by school, went straight to Highstreet for a meeting with my coordinator. We had dinner at Stock Market Cafe. I had my last outfit shot right there at that spot but I decided not to post it. Hahaha. Just gonna post this picture of my parents instead.

Noticed something different with my outfit shots and the rest of the pictures in my blog? It's because the other pictures had only enhanced contrast. My outfit shots, on the other hand, was professionally edited my by best friend, Kenneth. Asked him to put some magic into my photos and TADA! 

So there goes everything that happened to my day. Last day tomorrow and it will be long weekend already. So excited for weekend plans! How's your Thursday so far?

Love, Paola <3

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Frills and Laces

As you can see in my previous blog post, I started my day with good vibes. I was supposed to do this blog post last night since I got home a bit early and I don't have classes today but for some reason, I just ate then collapsed to my bed. Can't believe I was already sleeping by 9 pm! Haven't done that in a long time! Now, after getting twelve hours of sleep, I am fully energized.

So yesterday, I had lunch with Ken, then he left for some bonding with his family. I went to the library and cybernook after, then I met up with Aldrin whose outfit I still cannot forget. Hahaha. We went to Mcdo to see Nicole, who visited La Salle yesterday along with Chel and Andy. We gathered all our courage to do an outfit shot at Mcdo's parking lot. Hahaha.

So here's what I wore to school:

Forgive my haggard and pale face, it's midterm week you see. Anyway, I decided to go all girly yesterday hence the outfit. Frills and laces!

Top - Zara || Skirt - Bayo || Belt - Zara

Anchor necklace - Forever 21 || Ring - Borrowed from Aldrin

I spent some time with this girlies plus Aldrin yesterday. All photos are (c) Aldrin Cabalu

Anyway, I'll be leaving in a while to drop by school and pass some papers and visit my friend, Neil's first play in La Salle as well. Then off The Fort for a meeting! Busy bee again. Bye, have a great Wednesday!

Love, Paola <3

Super Cheerio

It's early morning and someone already made my day! Who is she? My friend, Grace de Luna. So I opened my twitter account this morning and saw her mention to KenAldrin and me. It was a link to her blog post, and guess what it contained:

It's a blog post about us! I swear, I was just so touched that I had to print screen it. Don't you just love the picture? And the title as well! Fashion bloggers on the rise. Grace is one of the few people I know who can edit photos really, really well. I wish I had that talent.  Hahaha. It's just nice to know that my friends and  I support each other's blog so much. I make sure that more than anyone else, I am updated on their blog. I'm so glad that I've been getting this much support from them that's why I always make sure to give it back. And to my non-blogger friends who  never fails to support our blogs as well, we love you all so much! And of course also to my family who keep viewing my blog, too!

So please do me a favor and be a constant visitor of Grace's blog, here are some teasers of how amazing she is:

Our dear alma matter!

I just love how this was edited!

ALL PICTURES ARE FROM HER BLOG. I did not put my usual black borders so as not to ruin her photos! Again, visit Thank you! Now on to my next blog post.

Love, Paola <3