Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29th of February

This pictures do not even justify Manila heat right now. I cannot even keep track of the number of times I said "ang init" today. So I decided to wear an easy outfit in the form of a simple dress, bring out my umbrella, which matches my dress perfectly and stand on our small pond just because it's February 29. I love celebrating or just plain acknowledging special days like this. It's easy to get lost in our everyday routine but it's something I try not to succumb to. That's why I already consider random and different days such as February 29 aka Leap Year Day as something special. :)

Dress - Just G.
Up in a pond under the very bright rays of sunshine! All for the love of blogging! :))

Belt - The Ramp
To counter the simplicity of my dress, I decided to put on a belt which initially goes with a formal dress but I think that it does the trick for a casual dress as well!

Ring - Gift
Zero accessories. Just a statement ring.

Sandals - Meet My Feet
To complete the look, I decided to put on my most trusted sandals!

Aside from today being February 29, another reason why it's pretty special because I got to see my most favorite teacher on earth - Mam Bong. I say this with all honestly, ever since first year though we're still not close, she's my favorite already. She's actually staying in Canada now but paid a one week visit to Manila. Calling her my teacher actually feels weird because although she was a great teacher to us, she's more like a friend and a second parent. I never thought that I would be this close to one of my teachers but I'm thankful I am with Mam Bong. I wish she could stay a bit longer. :(

Endless kwentuhan with Mam, Bes and Incha during lunch! Definitely brought me good vibes. :) 

On that note, I will end my February 29 by saying good night and I hope you had a great day as well!

Love, Paola <3

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Version of Chill

Sundays are chill days. It's usually about going to mass for Church then eating out or just strolling around the mall. I wanted to incorporate "chill" in my outfit, so what's chill-er than wearing denims? :) It's really the first thing that came into mind. And since I am not usually in denims nowadays, it feels a bit different now. So what I decided to do was fold my jeans up, something I've learned from my favorite blogger! :) Then I wore accessories in every part of my body (hence the headband) and then finished off by throwing on my most abused wedges. Now, it's the right amount of chill with a hint of I-did-put-some-effort-dressing-up-today feel. :)

My version of a Sunday outfit!

Top - Mango

Necklace - Tops
The first time I saw this necklace, I really did not like it at all. It's actually my mom's. But then when I was looking for a statement to go with my outfit today, I decided to put it on and viola!, instant statement! :)

Belt - XOXO || Bangles - H&M || Ring - Mia Casa

Pants - Kashieca
I love the embellishment on my pants! <3

 Wedges - Charles and Keith

Aaaaaaaaaah, it's that time of the week again. Sunday night. Just before Monday morning. Well, duh. Hahaha. But I hope you get my point though. Sunday nights are the hardest nights to let go! :)) Hope you had a great Sunday! Good night! :)

Love, Paola <3

Friday, February 24, 2012

Little Detail: Double Belt

Belts - Debenhams

I'd like to think that even the most stylish people from Olivia Palermo to Liz Uy have their off days too, when it comes to dressing up. But with a face like Olivia Palermo's or a closet like the one Liz Uy owns, it's hard to imagine. So what do mere mortals like us do on off days? HAHA! I personally think it's all about the details. Last Thursday, I was wearing two of the most basic pieces - denim and a white button down. I decided to wear two belts at the same time to add a little "oomph" to the basic pieces. At least there's something that stands out. :)

Love, Paola <3

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Designer's Handbook

After editing these photos over and over because I  keep forgetting to save them, my eyes are now a little sick  looking at the matching pink and blue floral patterns. But when I wore it last Tuesday, I felt like it was a refreshing break from all the plain colors I've been wearing for the past few days. Also, a part of this outfit screams "summer is hear!" with all its floral patterns. These pieces were bought from two different brands despite their same colors and patterns. It got me thinking, maybe there is like a list of colors to  usually pair in the handbook of designers or brand suppliers, maybe? 

This skirt might seem a little familiar since I have it in another color that I posted here. :)

Cardigan - F&X || Top - F&X || Skirt - Forever 21

Ribbon Necklace - Bazaar

Silver bangle - Aldo || Ring - Gift

Print on print! It kind of amazes me that even the kind of flower used is the same. Maybe there's another rule about it in the handbook of the designers, if ever there is one. HAHA! 

Last Tuesday, my friend Neil invited us to watch a play that he was part of in Benilde. I was really so glad that the screening time matched my break because I love seeing my friends perform! The show was called Waiting Area and it's about this place that you go to 3 days after you died. It was an interesting story and and a successful play. Congratulations to all the cast and crew of Waiting Area! :)

Our artista friend! Haha, like I said I love seeing friends perform so I really enjoyed this one! :)

I'll just have to share something. Today is one of those days that the moment right before twilight when the afternoon has ended, everything's color orange. Have you ever noticed that? In rare days, it happens. It's like the sun bathes it last, brights rays on our surrounding before saying goodbye. It makes everything beautiful. I like looking out my window whenever it happens. Hope you guys noticed it! Have a good evening! :) 

Love, Paola <3

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays

When it pours on a Sunday night, there's only one thing that I wish for - that Monday classes get suspended. And well, to my disappointment that wish was not granted. So on my way to school, I was staring out the window singing inside my head, rainy days and Mondays always get me down. HAHA! I'm melodramatic like that. 

But really though, rain and Monday was never a good combination. It's that time when everyone pulls out a big, loose hoodie and rock the bed hair look to school. So what's a girl to do? I give you a few tips to survive the cuddle weather (even if you have no one to cuddle with)! :)

Tip #1: It's easy to get lost in a crowd wearing the jeans + hoodie/jacket/cardigan combo when it's raining. So what do you do when you want to stand out (or just need to look presentable for a report like me)? Put on a stylish denim jacket! It's a little more chic but it's also enough to keep you warm. :)

Denim Jacket - EDC by Esprit || Top - Mango || Leggings - Debenhams

Pearl necklace - Apostrophe
Tip #2: Wear something school appropriate inside your jacket so you can remove it anytime. In a country with super bipolar weather, it can be pouring hard for a minute then extremely hot the next minute. In my case, I wore a sleeveless, cotton top.

Ring - Mia Casa
Tip #3: Don't let the weather dampen your creative spirit. Accessorize! :)  

Boots - Forever 21
Tip #4: Positive side of a wet weather - the only excuse to wear boots in such hot country. This time, it's appropriate. This is the only time you won't get weird stares from people for wearing and walking around in booties. 

Tip #5: Smile! It's easy to just go with the gloominess of the weather but that's the challenge for us. Especially for me since I hate almost everything about the rain - traffic, walking on wet ground, mud, unusual scent and extreme heat it gives off before and after and I could go on and on and on. But let's challenge ourselves to keep the spirits high! :)

Hope my tips helped! But you probably won't need it anyway since I'm pretty sure the temperature in the country is at a boiling point right now (okay, exaggeration). But anyway, just wanted to share them. Have a goodnight! :)

Love, Paola <3

Saturday, February 18, 2012

In Five Minutes

Time flies so fast. As cliche as that may be, but it really does. Like this outfit for example, I wore it a week ago telling myself that I'll blog about it right when I get home. I just realized that I did not take outfit shots this week aside from my Valentines day post and then I suddenly remembered this. It saved me from another blog hiatus yet! 

So anyway, what I suggest to keep up with time and all the things that you have to do is to make a checklist. Checklist never fails. Put even little things in your checklist. Like what I have in mine right now, to finish this post in about 5 minutes. 

I try to be as creative as possible when dressing up. This top comes with another top and they're supposed to go together but just to take it out on a different spin, I tried using it by itself. :)

Top - F&X || Leggings - Kids of Bayo

Necklace - Bedazzle
So there I was, loving this necklace so much, thinking that it's so unique and it's such a statement when another girl stands beside me wearing the exact same thing! It's an awkward and funny moment since we we're both looking at each other's necklace. HAHA! It's okay though, it doesn't make me love it less. :)

Belt - Amanda's Shop || Ring - SM Accessories || Bangles - Forever 21

Wedges - Charles and Keith

So if you're wondering whether I achieved my goal to finish this post in five minutes, well I didn't. Sometimes checklist are not always composed of checks! Haha! I know I haven't updated much this week but if there's one thing I learned from the talk that famous bloggers gave during our LEAP is that quality of posts over quantity of posts. Will update more in the coming days! Have a great night!

Love, Paola <3

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hearts' Day

"Love is the only shocking act on the planet."
- Valentine's Day (2010)

Last night, when I got home, I went straight to bed and turned on TV, ready for sleep. Then I stumbled upon HBO playing the movie Valentine's Day. I really, really loved that movie and I felt like it was the cherry on top of my Valentine's Day. I got to spend the day with so many people. I had LEAP, then bonding with my block mates right after. It's safe to say that I had a wonderful Valentine's Day despite the bitterness my friends and I half jokingly expected! HAHA. 

My blockmates and I talked and decided that we would be wearing black on Valentine's. Apparently, they all forgot about it. But anyway, I wanted to wear black but I also wanted to channel a hint of Valentine's on my outfit. So I got my new red skirt and found the perfect shirt to go with it! Although black is the dominant color in this outfit, I feel like it screams, "Hey, it's Valentines!". <3

Loved Shirt - Bazaar || Skirt - Forever 21

Necklace - Accessorize

Peacock Cuff - Gift

Wedges - Toms

My shirt perfectly says it, this Valentines Day, just like every single day of the year, I am LOVED. :)

Anyway, right after LEAP my friends I went straight to MoA to watch The Vow. The movie was.. good. It took me about 15-20 minutes to decide whether I liked it or not. It's just that the ending was.. unexpected. Here's what I'll tell you though, it was a happy ending, it's just not the ending we all expected. But nonetheless, it's the perfect Valentine movie for me, although some of my friends might disagree. 

Don't you just regret not ordering Frosty, Tiqui? :))

Meet my Valentines datessss! 

I wish I took more pictures, though. From our LEAP and with everything else that happened that day. I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday! La Sallians still have the rest of the week to enjoy Univ Week. Have a great day! :)

Love, Paola <3