Monday, February 24, 2014

Caesar's Palace

 Hello from Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas!!! Las Vegas is such an enchanting city full of bright lights, enormous and iconic structure and people who are hungry for fun! We passed by people who cheers when you pass by and high five with them, it's amusing and entertaining at the same time. But let me talk about Vegas on my next travel diary and for now, I'll just bore you with an outfit post! Haha! It was a really cold night that night that I amazed myself with my ability to withstand the cold. Most were wearing booths and thick jackest while I was just in a sweater and stockings! I really am made for the cold weather!  Of course since it's Vegas, there were others who were wearing summer outfits, halloween costumes and even a wedding dress! 
Debenhams sweater | H&M skirt | Steve Madden tights | Mango loafers | Swarovski choker

Love, Paola 

On The Way To Vegas

Taking cue from the 90's when high waisted pants were a thing and denim was everyone's best friend. I've been on a high waist high recently - buying shorts and jeans and skirts in that style! Some people cannot appreciate high waisted jeans and it is a little hard to pull off since it cuts your height, but I have appreciation for every piece of clothing in every style (except maybe fish net stockings and animal print leggings). As obvious as it is, I don't really wear jeans but when its a high waisted, two-toned mom jeans that I got at 70%, I'm in! Change is nice once in a while so I went all the way paired with a plain shirt and my trusty Toms! Then I got my dark denim jacket to battle the cold and viola! The look is a laidback throwback of some sorts. I wore this outfit on our 4-hour drive to Vegas! Scroll down for more pictures of the trip!
Mango shirt | Topshop pants | EDC by Esprit jacket | Toms shoes

On our drive to Vegas, I was able to have my first ever In-n-Out experience! I'm not really a burger person but I did love it, especially the fries!
 About 30 minutes later, we were experiencing fries coma. Servings here are crazy!
 The walruses!
First of the many outlet stores!
The way to Vegas was nothing but endless deserts and mountains!  

Vegas trip up next!

Love, Paola 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Travel Diary: Santa Monica

My first travel diary for this trip features our first full day spent around Santa Monica (see my outfit post here)! And very timely too, since it's throwback Thursday today and editing this pictures was a throwback to our first full day here. We arrived in LA at around 9pm then went straight to my Ninang in Long Beach. By the time we got home, sleep was very much welcome, that's why never really had a problem with jet lag. The next day, we were up early in the morning ready to explore Santa Monica! Just first day around LA and I was sold already. Tour with me through these pictures:
 We went around Third Street Promenade in the morning. I love everything about the mall - the crowd, the stores, the layout! It's a very pretty outdoor mall and this was where my mom and I started raving about the shopping here in the US. Everything is so much cheaper here!!!
 It was Valentine's Day that time too! 
One more thing I loved about the place was the street artists! There were so many people singing and doing art just in the middle! Creativity everywhere!
 Mac stores are always so nice!
 The theaters here are so nice too!
 These trees are so beautiful!!!
After lunch, we went to Santa Monica Pier! All this time I thought I hated beaches, then California happened. It's was extremely sunny that day and I'm usually sun repellant, but I just didn't mind since the weather was lovely and the beach was amazing and everyone was just chilling. 

 My cousin Jio! Although they never really lived in Manila, I'm pretty close to him because of our age gap and we shared many childhood memories too! Reunited after 8 years!!!
 There's also a mini theme park and an arcade in the pier!
 Our first full day that we got to bond with them!
 So many people just chilling by the beach!
 My favorite shot I took using just my iPhone! When the place is this pretty, no filter or editing is needed!
 After the pier, we went back to pick up the little kids in school and had dinner at Souplantation - a healthy buffet restaurant!
Then we had our first Walmart experience!!!! Yaaay! I love Walmart!

There you have it! Our first full day in Santa Monica! Up next: VEGAS!!!

Love, Paola