Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you're all enjoying a happy and blessed Christmas day! Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year because of everyone's jolly spirit and the quality time I get to spend with my family. We do the usual Filipino tradition of going to mass together and celebrating Christmas Eve with delicious Noche Buena food and gift giving! I'm thankful for so many things this Christmas. I know most of us are! But despite all our merry celebrations, let's not forget the true meaning of Christmas! Just like what our favorite priest said, "it"s not about what your hands can hold, but what your hearts can keep." :)

Here's my Christmas eve outfit! I'm inlove with this top and I'm sure it's going to be an outfit staple for me! But as much as I love it, it left me shivering inside the church! Haha. Of course I just had to inject a Christmas color in my outfit too! 
Top - H&M || Skirt - Zara
Bag - Nine West
Necklace - Accessorize
Clear bangles - gift || Flower cuff and ring - thrifted
Heels - Kenneth Cole

Just a few photos of what happened to our Christmas eve:
My mom's baked mac looking good! Tastes even better than it looks!
Gift giving time!
Everyone with their gifts!
Merry Christmas from our family to yours! :)

Love, Paola xx

Friday, December 21, 2012


Feeling very asian in this outfit, with my polka dot skirt, ankle boots and high donut bun. Last weekend, my family and I drove up to Baguio to celebrate my dad's birthday. I came up with this outfit the moment I knew we would be going somewhere cold. I even wanted to wear black stockings for the full oriental feel! For the past months, my time has mostly been devoted to watching Japanese dramas. Back in second year high school, there was a japanese era in my life. I would study the language, watch tons of dramas, stalk my favorite j-actors, and memorize my favorite jpop songs. Now that era is definitely here again! And it's even reflecting in my outfits! My peg this season is definitely Japanese and Korean fashion! I wish we have winter in Manila. :( I'm made for colder weather and how pretty would it be to be wearing thick knits over frilly skirts with matching cute legwarmers underneath! 

Oh and my title by the way, is my favorite Japanese word! It means unbelievable and I just love saying it! Haha!

 For now though, this outfit's gotta make do! 
Top - Clothes for the Goddess || Skirt - Cotton On
Necklace - Apostrophe
Oriental fashion is almost never complete without the donut bun!
Boots - Forever 21

We just stayed there overnight since our main purpose was to visit Manaoag church. We just spent the night in Baguio to relax. Here are some pictures from our stay:
Baguio Country Club's beautiful Christmas tree!
Love the sky!
 We also visited Camp John Hay's Christmas village which was right across our hotel!
Almost all decors are made from recycled materials. 
 On our way home, we were lucky enough to witness this amazing sunset!
I'm still marvelling at its beauty :)

Love, Paola xx

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

SG Day 3: Merlion

Concluding my SG posts with a photo diary of our activities on the third day. We had an early flight the next day, so this was technically our last day in Singapore. I originally plan on posting an outfit shot with this one but I look so bad in the photos so nevermind. Haha! We spent the afternoon going around Vivo City. It's just a mall but what makes it different is that it has a mini beach for children on its top most floor! Also, the whole trip my dad kept reminding me that I can't call it a Singapore trip if I haven't seen the Merlion. Our trip was packed and due to time constraint, I thought I'd never get to see it. Luckily, we were able to meet a very kind taxi driver who was willing to pass by the Merlion and drop us off even just for a few minutes. This is such a big deal since unlike in Manila, vehicles can't just stop anywhere drop off people. Haha! So I'm really thankful for that nice cab driver for letting me complete my SG trip! 

View of Sentosa from Vivo City!
Nothing special about the view but it's just so picturesque!
I have yet to experience my first cable car ride. :(
A mini beach is the last thing I expect to find on a mall's rooftop! Definitely something different!
Going around the mall, we passed by Toys R Us and saw this Merlion Lego figure! At that time, I thought I had to do with just this!!
But put it in the right background and it would look so real!!! Maybe just a little bit pixelated? Haha
And ta-da! Here it is! When the cab driver told us we could go down for 5 minutes, I walked as quickly as I could to the Merlion (running is not in my vocabulary). When I got there I told my dad to be a ninja and quickly take as many pictures as he can as I absorb the beautiful view! The Merlion is the best way to really see Singapore. Not only is it the country's national personification but I think it's also the best spot to be in the city. The lion in front of you, Marina bay just right behind you, the Singapore Flyer to the left, all the while being surrounded by amazing buildings and structures!
Right after seeing the Merlion, we went back to Orchard Road!
I love Orchard road at night! It's so alive!
We also went to Paragon where all the high street brands are! 
Ended the day with some good Ramen! Japanese food will always be my comfort food!
On our way back to the hotel, I insisted on walking although my feet felt like it was gonna fall off already. But I wanted to make the most out of it since it's our last night out! 

There you have it! All of my SG posts done! Till my next travel post! 
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Love, Paola xx