Monday, October 3, 2011

October 3, 2011

Hola! I'm actually taking a break for studying since we have an unsure MARKET1 quiz tomorrow. I'm enjoying MARKET1 actually, it's a basic marketing subject for all business students. So anyway, I'm going to blogging about last Saturday. It was the party of mt blockmate, Kristine at CenterStage, Makati. The rain was a bit strong on the earlier part of the day and I was afraid that I couldn't go. But luckily, it stopped. I was the early bird, as usual. Every single debut or party, I'm on of the early birds, ironic because I live in Bulacan. And even when I try to be late, I'm still early. Oh well, nothing bad about that I guess.

So this is what I wore to the party. My first outfit shot in my blog since I've been reading lots of fashion blogs from Camille Co, Patricia Prieto, Laureen Uy and Tricia Gosingtian lately. I'm learning from them! Thank you Francis and Chel for patiently taking pictures my outfit shot!

I know big rings are the trend for a quite a long time already but it is just recently that I decided to participate in this trend. I'm now starting my collection of rings and this is my very first, yaaay!

With the very sexy birthday girl!

Cheers to the best block on earth! 

I have this thing for Photobooth Pictures as you can see. I have like a stack of Photobooth Pictures from different parties all kept in my drawer. or sometimes displayed in the envelope or notebook that I use in school. 

My favorite Photobooth picture!

My forever chaperons, mommy and daddy! <3

Thank you again, Kristine for your fun party! Till my next blog! Which will probably be tomorrow or Wednesday, I will be blogging about Sunday's events. I still have to edit the pictures. Time to hit the books again! Good night!

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