Saturday, October 29, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week

I'm just too happy this day to even put bitterness into my words to describe our epic fail experience last night. But I would just like to share the story. So last Sunday, my best friend called, inviting me to go the Penshoppe's show for Philippine Fashion Week. I was excited for the whole week! I planned my outfit carefully. And when I found out that Mario Maurer is gonna open the show, I could not wait for Saturday night!!!

So when it finally arrived, I honestly did not mind waiting in the long line that Penshoppe. I honestly thought that they we're going to use all the halls at SMX's ground floor. I did not know they were only using one! We waited in line for about 2 hours. Good thing there wasn't a dull moment with Ken's cousin. Then after waiting in line for an hour, Zhinny and her family finaly came which even made waiting more fun. The next thing we knew, the line started to move slowly. And move slowly. Until people we're running towards the entrance already. Then we heard the doors close. Then we saw that the show was starting already. Then the big crowd left outside started booing and shouting. Then that's when we decided to leave and give up. There's no way they're going to open the doors again if they don't want a stampede.

It's just extremely disappointing, Penshoppe's poor system. They kept on giving out invites, not considering the place's capacity. I don't wanna make accusations but this is definitely Philippine Fashion Week's first failure. People actually spent money just for wasted time. I was just invited but I'm already frustrated, come to think of what other people are feeling, especially  Mario Maurer's fans who actually went through a lot effort in order to get invites?

Oh well. There's always next season. And other brands. Hahaha.

Good thing I was with these two people (and their families), it made my night special despite what happened. Thank you to both of you. >:D<

Who says you lose your poise by sitting on the floor in a dress, in high heels? Hahaha.

Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong lines.

No hating. Just wanna share my thoughts. I know Penshoppe did not want this to happen too. Off to my next blog post! Outfit shots for that night!

Love, Paola <3

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