Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New shopping place

Today, I got my very first purchases online! Yeeey! It's my first time to ever buy something on the internet. I got my shopping skills from my mom and she's not an online shopper, we're both mall shoppers. We go a long way in malls. Hahaha. I've never really bothered checking online shops before since I'm hesitant to trust them, I feel like it won't be delivered to me or something. But I tell you, when Multiply says that it's a trusted seller, it really is trusted. Multiply makes everything a whole lot easier now and it contains lots of treasure if you know where to look so go visit Multiply now. Happy shopping!

So here's what I bought:

Accessories from Mia Casa! I know they're just few since as I was afraid to make lots of purchases since it's my first time. But I know now online shopping is really reliable when you know the right sites. Mia Casa offers  a wide range of accessories. I love their necklaces! Unfortunately, the ones I liked are all sold out :( They have a great collections for rings too. Too cute, I swear. I instantly fell in love with that mask ring! It's so cute. So go check them out!

For all those who are doubting online shops, I suggest you go to multiply first and check the trusted seller. Then order away! I have yet to try purchasing clothes online. Now I'm over the fear that it might not get delivered to me, next fear to overcome is that the sizes might not be right for me! Have to try that soon. Goodnight!

Love, Paola <3

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  1. for accessories I prefer online shops because they offer wide variety of accessories :)