Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Starting December with something really special. 


For the past 18 birthdays that you celebrated with me, I probably have said all that there is to say. And I know that words cannot suffice everything that you've done as a mother, a wife, daughter, sister and all the other roles that you play. Everybody tells me that I'm very lucky since I have everything but I know that the number reason I'm the luckiest girl there is, is because I have you and daddy as my parents. Thank you Mommy, for everything. 

I know people know you as someone who is nice and sweet and generous. But they can never fully know how awesome you are as my mom. Thank you for always having my back no matter what. Thank you for not pressuring me to fulfill your dreams for me but pushing me to reach for mine. Someday mommy, I will make you and daddy proud and I'll surely give back! Thank you for always being fun, too - for not being a serious, grumpy parent and showing me the importance of laughter and smiles. You've also showed me that it's possible to have patience as long as infinity since you practice that with me. Hahaha. 

Now that you're a year older, I wish that you stay healthy and happy. I wish you get to touch more people's lives. I hope that you get more blessings cause you deserve all of it. I love you mommy! >:D<

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday's Best

One thing I've realized last Sunday was that I'm a Makati girl. Yes, although we live in Bulacan, I know I'm a Makati girl by heart. My mom works in Makati and during past summers, I had personality development, voice lesson and guitar lesson in Makati so there are really parts of it that I know well, even though it's extremely far from home. And someday I swear, I am going to work there. This realization came to mind since we spent our Sunday morning roaming the streets of Makati looking for the Salcedo Morning Market and then went to Greenbelt and SM Makati right after.

I wanted a chill outfit since it's chill day but also something appropriate since we we're going to church. I've decided on wearing jeans to veer away from my past outfit posts which mostly consisted of skirts and dresses. I love wearing skirts but I wanted something different. My dilemma that time was that I didn't know how to make jeans special and chic. But I think I did solve that dilemma, though.

So here's what I wore:

Wore a sheer black top. It was a little formal and had a party feel so I tied it in the middle to dress it down. 

Black top - Details || Tank top underneath - Debenhams || Pants - Bayo 
Belt  - Forever 21 || Necklace - Bazaar

Hi Ninang Rackel! Thank you for this cute bangle! :)

The only thing I don't like in taking outfit shots during the morning? My morning face. 

Daddy took all of my outfit shots! :)

Also, my dad's SLR and I were extremely close that day hence the next pictures:

All outfit shots edited (c) Kenneth Virtudazo.

Although it is such an effort to wake up early in the morning for trips like these, it's worth it since everything is beautiful on a Sunday morning. I'll make this short now, hope you had a good Sunday and started your week right! Just a few more push here and there and this term is finally coming to an end. Good luck La Sallians. Good night! 

Love, Paola <3

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Magic Happens - My 18th Birthday

I know it's been two weeks already, but every single moment of that day, from the grandest gestures to the smallest details, I can still remember. So today, I got my official debut pictures and videos that I have been so excited to see even before the debut ended. Although I can still remember everything, it's nice to have these pictures to remind me of it.

You'd think that given two weeks, I am fully prepared to do this blog post. All my thoughts running in my head, the people I wanna thank, the stories I have to tell, the things that I have to describe. But, no. I am still officially lost for words. So let me start by saying THANK YOU! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME AND CELEBRATED IT WITH ME. >:D<

It was the most beautiful night of my life. I know nothing's perfect but for me, that night was definitely perfect with all its little imperfections. It couldn't have been celebrated any better. I am actually more nervous than excited for this night for so many weeks. I really did not know what to expect but right when the doors opened and it's my cue to start walking and singing,  I knew they weren't kidding when they told me that it was definitely the time of my life. :)

I could go on and on and on with my thoughts and my narration but I know you'd want to know the story through pictures so here they are:

The most beautiful dress I have worn and will ever wear in my life!

Thank you to Mr. Larry Zuniga for all of my 3 beautiful outfits!

See? Even the weather was absolutely perfect that day! 

Most stressful moment of my life. Nothing more anxious than when you're already in the hidden in the venue wondering if people will show up. Hahaha.

Every single detail and every single corner of the place has it's Paris feel!

My escort, Angel!

My motto during that moment: "Keep singing, keep smiling, no tripping." It worked, right? :)

My tito and my cousin amazingly sang The Prayer. 

Blessed with a wonderful family, both mother and father's side. <3

Hi Nikka!

Love you Cutebits! >:D<

The night's performers! Too bad I did not find a picture of the dance Lunchies prepared. It was THE BOMB. Hahaha. Also giving credit to my best friend for his solo number! 

The best dressed! <3

I'm really, really flattered with all the feedback and comments I got with our finale! So glad you guys enjoyed it. Daddy was so nervous for this. Hahaha.

I love how everybody was wild and game during the party! And I'm so happy that my high school friends are also becoming friends with my blockmates. :)

How I wish I could put all 1200+ pictures in this blog post to clearly recap my night but I'm afraid that even those pictures cannot fully tell the story of November 12, 2011. To my coordinator, Sir Ralph and his amazing team, Ms. Lynn and the staff of The Pergola, Sir Larry, to my high school friends, my college friends, relatives, my Ninongs and Ninangs, Titos and Titas, mommy and daddy's friends and officemates, my best friends and my family, THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU ALL! Magic does happen.

Pictures are from my official photographer from the team of Ralph and Co.Kenneth Virtudazo and Aldrin Cabalu.

Love, Paola <3