Saturday, January 26, 2013

Places I Will Visit Someday

Ask people what part of the world they'd want to visit and I'm pretty sure the top 2 answers would be Paris, particularly the Eiffel Tower and Times Square, NY. These two are the most common landmarks people would want to go to that some would even say they're overrated. Everyone knows that I dream of Paris more than anything else. It was even the theme of my debut and in my room is a drawer fall of Eiffel Tower items and novelties. But although Paris has my heart, there are also other places that are on my bucket list. I used to be a hesitant traveler - I love being in another country but I hated the process of getting there. But as I grow older, I realize that I've developed a great desire for travelling. The four places I have on my list are not so popular and mainstream, not as much as NY or Paris or London. It's a little different from everyone's travel checklist but that's what makes it more exciting! 

1. Leap of Faith Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas
I saw this on a Tumblr three or four years ago and I was in awe. Atlantic Paradise is a waterpark the Leap of Faith is one of its major water slides. From the temple, the slide is connected to a tube that goes underwater. Once you slide down, you won't directly go in the pool and it's a pretty good idea since in the pool are Caribbean reef and nurse sharks! So it's basically like swimming with sharks with just the tube separating you from them. It seemed so surreal reading about it years ago but just recently, a friend just confirmed that she has actually been there!!!! Hearing her story convinced me that it's something I have to try someday! I know it's a scary experience but the risk, the adventure and the uniqueness makes it all the more desirable! 
The view from inside the tube!

 2. Locks of Love, Namsan Seoul Tower, Korea
Hating myself cause I probably could have been here last year when my parents went to Korea, but I love school so much that's why I didn't dare absent myself (haha, no not really). But at least not coming with them to the trip gives me the reason to go there someday! The locks of love is an East Asian tradition that is said to have originated in China. Lovers would lock their padlock on the tower and throw away the key to symbolize a love locked away forever. It's something I found out from Tumblr years ago too and being a hopeless romantic, it's something I wanted to witness since then.  Imagine just how many wishful thinking and hopeful promises were made in this place! There's also another locks of love in Paris! 

3. Ebisu Garden Place, Japan

According to a website, Ebisu Garden Place is one of the most pleasant cities in Tokyo. But the real reason I want to go there is because this was a very special setting to my favorite Japanese drama ever! To be able to go there and stand by the clock tower, knowing that this is where one of my most favorite stories unfolded is something only a fangirl would truly understand. Haha! I want so badly to go back to Japan. :( Without the earthquake scare this time! There's still so many things to do and places to explore! And despite our horrible earthquake experience last 2011, it's still my most favorite country! Wait for me Japan, I'll see you again soon! 
A scene shot in the area. This place played such a big role to this love story! Any Hanadan fans out there? :)

4. Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, Iceland
Now this one I didn't discover from Tumblr anymore. Haha! I read about this on my favorite international fashion blog. It's a geothermal spa and its waters are part of a lava formation. The whole spa is actually located in a lava! The water temperature is 37-39 C and that's like heaven when you're surrounded by ice! It just seems like the most relaxing place on the planet. It is also named by National Geographic as a world wonder and according to them,  "the steaming turquoise pools of Iceland's Blue Lagoon, trapped in volcanic rock represent an otherworldly vision." 

There you have it! The 5 places (including Paris of course) that I promised myself I would visit someday! The day will come when there will a check mark beside the name of these places on my planner. Claiming it!

Love, Paola xx

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Red Carpet: 70th Golden Globe Awards

Last January 13, the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards was held at Beverly Hills, California. Star World was broadcasting it live last Monday that's why I made sure to really wake up early for this. I love award ceremonies and I even did a red carpet post on the 2012 Emmy's here. I loved so many outfits in this year's Golden Globe! The mermaid style dress was a big hit, and colors such as nude and black. I was betting for Les Miserables the whole time and they took the house down! The film won best motion picture for a musical, Hugh Jackman for best actor and Anne Hathaway for best supporting actress! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!!!!!

Amy Adams and Taylor Swift (in Donna Karan)
Just one proof that the mermaid style dress made a big comeback in the Golden Globe! Oh and can I just say, I'm so proud of Taylor for putting her usual sparkly number to rest! The color of the dress looks gorgeous on her!
Julianne Hough and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
I love everything about Julianne Hough's dress - from the sparkles to the tulle to the cut! Rosie's leather belt was a fun twist as well!
Julianne Moore and Maria Menonous
Both simple and classy.
Kate Hudson (in Alexander Mcqueen) and Kaley Couco
Kate Hudson looks younger with her hair and make up! Kaley's beautiful as well with her wine colored lips! 
Anne Hathaway (in Chanel) and Emily Deschanel
I adore everything Chanel that's why I really liked Anne's dress. But she needs to gain all the weight she lost for Les Mis. She had to go through a rigorous diet for the film since she was playing a pauper. 
Jennifer Lawrence (in Christian Dior) and Adele
Jennifer Lawrence's stylist is a genius. In every ceremony, she wears the best dresses! Adele was in her usual look - black dress, big, poufy hair and dark eyemake up but it still works.
Ariel Winter and Kristen Bell
Two things: I wish I had the same dress when I was 14 years old and I wish I'll have the same look when I become pregnant someday.
Emily Blunt and Isla Fisher
Another trend in the Golden Globe was sparkles!
Lucy Lui (in Carolina Herrera) and Halle Berry (in Atelier Versace)
Lucy Lui wins for me! I'd say it's the best look of the night. It's something different and the color and prints of the dress brings out her asian features! As for Halle Berry, I know the dress doesn't work for many people but it looked really good on TV when she was giving an award. And it made her waistline look 18.
Heidi Klum and Helen Mirren
Heidi Klum pulling off an Angelina Jolie! 
Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman (in Alexander Mcqueen)
Here's my theory, J.Lo is a vampire (ala Twilight) and doesn't age at all. Look. At. That. Body. *bow* Nicole looks pretty good too!
Jody Foster and Tina Fey (in L'Wrenn Scott)
For such a youthful dress, Jody Foster did it justice (she's 50, btw)! I love the prints on Tina Fey's dress as well.

What are your favorites? :)

Love, Paola xx

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We're all a little bit emo

Say hello to my emo-gothic-rock look! Haha, no, not really. Gothic rock has never really been my style since I don the girliest floral prints and colorful pieces. So this is as far as I can get. Anyway, this outfit proves that adding (and removing) a few touches here and there instantly transforms every look. Imagine this outfit without the black stockings. It would be an ordinary polo plus shorts combo (which was how I wore it later on). Also after seeing these photos, it was only then that I realized look emo so I decided to change my accessories. I replaced my layered cross necklace with pearls, removed my heavy beaded bracelet and change into sandals. I was attending one of my closest friends' house party and I figured my original look wouldn't cut it. But at least they look good in photos! 

I've always wanted to wear tights with my outfits but our weather doesn't really allow that. During late night hits, when I can't sleep, there's only two things I do: (1) random instagram searches of my favorite actors and actress (2) window shopping on international online shops. And almost always, I go check out their winter collection. As much as I know I was made for colder weather, I'm also grateful that we don't have winter in Manila so I won't feel pressured to make those adorably printed tights and beautiful coats and trenches part of my closet! Haha   
Polo - Bayo || Shorts - Debenhams
Bracelet - from my dad || Watch - Swatch
Cross necklace - Guess
Panda ring - Accessorize

Here are some photos from what went on that night. Whenever I see these people, I'm reminded that high school really never ends! More get together this 2013 please :)
Photos from instagram! Follow me: @paolakathrina

And since I missed blogging, there's more! :) Just a few pictures of the pretty tights that keep me awake late at night: 

I love the one with the heart the most! :) All photos from

Love, Paola xx

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve 2013!

My very frist blog post for 2013! I can't believe that my blog is now on it's second year. Time is flying so fast but I'm glad I have place to document all the highlights of my life in this blog. There are nights when I would just randomly choose a post and read through it. It's like a time travel of sorts. It helps bring back all the happy memories! :) And with that, here's another highlight worthy of documenting. New year's eve is my most favorite celebration of all!!! For the past 19 years, I've been celebrating it at home with my family and it's a tradition that I never want to change. One exciting part of our celebration is our costume party. Last year, our theme was superheroes (see post here). This year, our theme was United Nations! I'm the one who comes up with a theme each year and I was hesitant at first with United Nations since it might be hard (we're not allowed to buy the costume so it's just our creativity at work). But everyone in my family is always up to the challenge! Here are our costumes: 

Namaste from my Indian dad (and his crazy mustache and turban haha)!
..and my Indian mom!
Ciao from my Italian mime artist tito!
Bonjour from tita representing France!
And since my Japanese phase is back on, Konichiwa!
Another Namaste from my cousin! India was very popular last night.
Salem Ale Kum from Egypt and Mabuhay from the Philippines! 
Yow! From my lolo. HAHA
Ola from Mexico!
I hate flash photography but we all look so happy here. :) Each year we vote for three winners. WHo are your bets? Can you guess who won? :)
And TADA! Winners from top 3 to top 1 respectively! Japan, Egypt and France represent!  
Although I just won third place, let us all take time to appreciate my effort to wing my eyeliner, japanese style. Haha!
Our food was also in theme! Native food for our Media Noche!
We also had some shabu-shabu!
Each year, we also do exchange gifts!
And as soon as clock strikes 12, we go out and watch all the fireworks display! 
Again, I really hate flash photography but look at all the happy faces in these pictures!
Happy New Year from our family! May you all have a blessed year ahead!

And this 2013, I hope to fill this blog with more highlights! This will be my year! :)

Love, Paola xx