Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 28, 2011

Hello people, it's been a while! I've been either too busy or too lazy to blog last week, or a combination of both. So anyway, I hope that everyone's okay and let's continue to pray for those affected by Typhoon Pedring. It was really scary, the winds that it brought. But anyway, happy thoughts first! Here's an update of my last week: it was all about food. I cannot even imagine how many grams of McDonald's Fries we're in my system. I think I ate minimum of one large fries per day last week. So, yeah. I think I gained the weight that I lost for a month in just one week. But seriously, how can you say no to McDonald's?

Aside from the excessive McDonald's food tripping, my appetite met other yummy foods as well. 

Noriter's Caramel Macchiato and Banana Split with bes!

My favorite from Toastbox! Their Milo Dinosaur! Nothing special, just plain cold Milo with Milo powder on top. But I don't know, tastes a lot better when you have to pay for it. Hahaha. Also tried their Haianese Chicken, for the first time. It was good actually, but seemed like a sick food for me. 

Mom and I went to Greenhills last saturday. The original plan was just to pass by for Happy Lemon but we decided to eat their too. Sizzling Pepper Steak's Beef Pepper Steak. Sizzling Pepper Steak was kind of a rip off to the original Sizzling Pepper Lunch. But it's good too, and it's even cheaper. 

Potato Tornado! Been seeing this a lot but it was my first time to taste it last Saturday. I honestly did not like it when I saw how much oil was used to cook it. The amazing part was cutting of the potatoes! 

AND MAY FAVORITE! Happy Lemon! I have a thing for Milk Teas lately and since we seldom go to Greenhills, I always make sure that whenever we're there, I'd pass by Happy Lemon. It is only in Greenhills that you would find an almost empty Starbucks because Happy Lemon was beside it. I had to wait in line for 15 minutes or so just for that!

So now this week, it's time be committed to my diet again. I WILL TRY TO RESIST MCDONALD'S NOW. Anyway, aside from my food trips, we also had a Career Seminar for our PERSEF2 class. I did enjoy the seminar, actually. We were taught how to make  powerhouse resume and the does and don't of an interview. Graduation is getting near, just 6 terms left, I think. I'm kind of excited to enter the corporate world already!

And last but not the least! Last week was also mostly about Veggie Samurai! It's this Ipod touch / Iphone application that my friends and I have been playing since term. Most people would be more familiar with Fruit Ninja, it's just like that only better and a bit more challenging. We've been addicted to this game for quite sometime now and it has become a bit of friendly contest for us. Yes, friendly. Hahaha. 

Carlitos' still holds the title of being the Veggie Master! This is crazy, I know.

And I'm still Veggie Queen! 

Bes' shocking 14k!

And this! Well, this made our weekend. HAHAHA. =))

I've been catching up on Gossip Girl since last night, too. I'm on season 4, episode 20 already. I wanna fish it today but I have to get ready already. 

Have to get ready now! Buh-bye!

Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011

Monday again. I woke up even before my alarm clock started ringing because of the very strong rain in bulacan. And immediately, the first thing that came into my mind was what jacket to wear. But eventually, I forgot to bring one which wouldn't also be so useful since it was very hot in school. I was wearing a La Sallian shirt today, in recognition and support to the Animo Squad for bagging the second place in the UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2011! Proud Archer, right here!

I arrived at school today at 7:30 am which was actually a bit early for me. So I decided to go to EGI to but something in the convenience store. When I was leaving, I just added another embarrassing moment to my already long list of embarrassing moments. The door says "push" so I started pushing and when it won't open, I pushed some more. But it still won't open, so I decided to pull the door. Still won't open. I was kind of banging the glass door already when the guy at my back opened it for me. Turns out I was pushing and pulling the wrong side. I didn't even get to thank him! I just left really fast started to pretend that I was texting. Hahaha. So whoever you are, if you're reading this, thank you for opening the door for me and not laughing so much at my stupidity!  <3

I went to Mcdo twice today, first with my blockmates and second time with my best friends. When I was with my blockmates, we had to just take out the food because there were no seats available. But when I was with Kenneth, we were able to find a seat. I wonder if lines in Mcdo will still get shorter. Or it's forever a blockbuster.  We spent so much time playing "pik" (rock, paper, scissors) in order to decide who's gonna order. I lost, as usual. But tomorrow, I swear! You're going to be the one to order bes! Neil followed us too. And the first thing he said was, "may knock-knock ako." I had super high expectations with the joke. But the highlight of our Mcdo moment, and probably my day too, was the freaking perfumes. We were spraying perfumes to each other! I smell like a guy until now. Washed and changed shirt already but the smell is still so strong! I smell like a guy and they smell like flowers! Hahaha.

Always the highlight of my day when I'm with these people! 

We left at 2:30 cause we all had 2:40 classes. Our persef2 was even worse than our persef1 class. Almost no one is paying attention. Kenneth started doodling. He's developing a new talent now, doodling. 

The scary version of Kung Fu Panda's Po. :))

My personal favorite! It's about their GREATWK topic.

So today, I started wishing I could doodle too. Or even just do beautiful letterings. Oh well. Still need to read something for our HUMALIT! So lazy already. Hope I can sleep early tonight. Bonne nuit, mes amis! 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

September 17, 2011

It's 9:59 and while I'm writing this, Spongebob is on TV. We got home at around 9pm and I immediately started editing pictures that I would be using for this blog. It's my first time to put pictures on my blog and editing it was a bit hassle but I was too excited with what's its going to look like. I've been picturing this blog in my had since the day started.

On November 12, I will be having my debut and this day played a crucial role for my debut. We had scheduled food tasting, gown fitting and shoe shopping today so I was very, very excited! We left the house at around 9am to go to Hizon's place at Visayas Avenue. Their office was actually located in a subdivision. They own a huge compound in that subdivision with the owners' houses, their warehouses and their office are all located. Faye, the assigned coordinator of Hizon for us, discussed the decorations of the place. The backdrop, the chairs, the cloths and everything. 

Me, putting the table cloth on the table. 

My coordinator's chosen tablecloth. I love the pattern!

So after finalizing some of the details for the place's would be design, our favorite part began. The food tasting! We were served with two main dishes each for pasta, beef, chicken, pork and vegetable. Because of that experience, I wanted to be food critic! I can see myself just sitting down, being served with different, yummy foods and all I have to do is choose the best one. Such a happy life! Hahaha. So here are the dishes:

Pasta with white sauce vs Pasta with Tomato base sauce

Stir fried mixed vegetables vs Fresh Lumpia

Fried fish with honey mustard dip vs Grilled fish with lemon butter sauce

Pork oriental vs Pork with sesame seeds

Chicken with corn and cream vs Hawaiian Chicken

Roast beef vs Beef with mushroom (Sadly, we ate it right away and I forgot to take a picture. :( It's that good!)

Although these were very small portions, we were still very full right after that we didn't even eat lunch! 

After having our food tasting, we left Hizon's very, very huge compound and went to TriNoma to start looking for shoes. I've been searching a particular style of shoes - peep toe pumps with black velvet that are atleast 4 to 5 inches high. We've been searching for more than two weeks already and it was really hard to find the right pair. My mom said that I have very thin feet and that's why almost every shoe I tried with that kind of style keeps falling off. It was kind of frustrating really, finding the perfect shoes only to find out that it's not perfect for you. But finally, after a long search, I found it! So happy!

Finally, finally, finally!! <3

Then after TriNoma, we went to find F&S Tailoring, where my dad and all the boys of my family would get their suits. First try, the owner wasn't there so we decided to wait for a while. But we decided to go to SM San Lazaro to eat to kill time. So second try, the owner was already there, "Mang Jun". Mang Jun and his wife Tita Emma are wonderful people! Mang Jun has been famous for so many years now for making coats and ties for celebrities like Boy Abunda and their family friend, Kuya Germs. He has won different trophies which are all displayed in his shop including the one he got from FAMAS. But what I liked the most was that they're very down to earth. They laughed and told us stories like we've known them for so long already, like old friends. Please visit their site for great and affordable coats and ties! I feel like promoting them to everyone so you can meet the couple and see for yourselves. After F&S, we had an 8:30 appointment with my designer for my first gown fitting. I was so looking forward to this! And when we got there and saw my dress, I was speechless. It was better than what I had in mind, because I was even worried at first that the kind of style I wanted won't be followed. But it was even better, so much better than what I had imagined. I didn't even wanna remove it already! Hahaha. I had pictures of dress but I decided not to post because I wanted it to be a surprise. So I decided to post these instead:

While he was putting the petticoat on me.

So there's the summary of my very busy day, which I enjoyed so much! I bought the new issue of Metro magazine that's all about Paris fashion! So excited to read it already. Goodnight!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 15, 2011

So today, I decided to create a new blog site. After having a blogger's block for almost 4 years, I decided to blog again. I miss the feeling of expressing myself and venting out everything that I have in mind. This blog shall contain my most random to most special thoughts.

It actually took me a long time designing and finalizing my page. I used to have a an old blogspot account, which is taking me forever to find. But that blog contained mostly high school dramas. But I said goodbye to dramas just after I said goodbye to High School. I'd like to fill this blog with only happy, inspiring thoughts. So that whenever I would look back and read it, it would only remind me of the good stuff.

So anyway, I need to say goodnight for now. My dad's asking me to sleep already since we'd be leaving very early for school tomorrow. Good night! <3