Thursday, October 27, 2011


It's time to put something on my blog that I used to only write on my diary or on a piece of paper that only I get to see. It's my *drum roll please* WISHLIST! Hahaha. Okay, don't mind that. I kind of do this every year when the "ber" months start but it is usually for my eyes only, but now I decided to share it to you guys for fun. And to kill time as well. I'm currently in the library. Just finished my two midterms, and I'm taking a break from reviewing for the last one later.

I remember when I was a kid, I used to write this down on a piece of paper and put it on our Christmas tree for Santa to get. Yes, I have been doing that for more or less 7 years until my grandma finally decided that it's about time Santa gets revealed to me, aka my mom and dad. Hahaha.

So onto my wishlist:

1. Accessories - Loads and loads and loads. Haha. Ever since I was a little girl, I have love for accessories. I remember having those matching choker, bracelets and dangling earrings with Hello Kity as the pendant. Hahaha. Now I'm on to big chunky necklaces and big rings.

2. Skiiiiirts! - My skirts are definitely the best items I have in my closet. Ever since I started college, I have developed this great love for skirts. I can just wear them everyday if not for La Salle's rules, not to mention the scarcity it might make in my closet. Hahaha. Bubble, ruffled, pencil, bandage skirts! I'm even wondering if I can pull off a maxi skirt with my height.

3. Denim Polo - Of all the items in my wishlist, this is probably the easiest one to find. But for some reason, the two of us never seem to cross paths whenever I go shopping.

4. Hermoine's Magic Bag - Yes! Hermoine's magical bag that could fit an entire house or even more. I absolutely need this especially lately that I have been feeling a slight pain on my right shoulder due to carrying my bags. I can't help it. I have lots of stuff and there's just no way it wouldn't make my bag heavy. :( 

5. Chandelier - Doesn't every girl dream of having a chandelier in her own bedroom? Even if I'm probably gonna bump my head to it if I put it in my room, I won't mind at all.

6. An Eiffel Tower standee - Probably gonna spend most of my time gushing and taking pictures of this if I have it in my room.

7. Pink convertible car - Since I don't speak cars, I don't care about the brand. I'll be feeling like Barbie-slash-Sharpay-slash-Paris Hilton when I drive around in these! Hahaha.

8. Baby Panda - Somebody please go to China and bring me this, I will love you to bits and pieces for the rest of my life!!!!!!

So there goes my very possible and achievable wishlist. Hahaha. Okay, will start studying again now. Will post my outfit shot later when I get home. School stuff again! Take care!

Love, Paola <3

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  1. definitely button down denim polo is a must have :)