Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sparks Fly

I got my official Pre Debut Photos today! Or I got it last week and just saw it today. Hahaha. But anyway, it took me half of the day to browse because there was total of 691 pictures. Yes, 691 photos containing mostly my awkward face. My Pre Debut photoshoot was held last August 6 at The Greenery in Bulacan. The place was stunning! So huge and so beautiful, perfect for those who wants outdoor weddings and debut. I especially loved their little train station.

It was my first time to have an official photoshoot so this was very special. I enjoyed it so much. I felt like a princess slash model slash a true debutante. I'm going to be having this feeling only once in my life so I made the most out of it, which is why I had 691 photos. As you will see, some of these pictures are the ones I used for my side bar.

I had a total of 4 outfit changes. We brought 5 but I only got to used 3. Please bear with some of the awkward poses though! Here are some of them. First outfit:

I wore a gown for my first outfit. This is when I really felt like one of the Disney Princesses! Hahaha.

Gown by Larry Zuniga.

Second outfit: 

One of my favorite settings! I'll someday have my house built like that, I swear. Pink front door!

I just love how this dress made me look so thin!

Third outfit:

The little train! So cute!

My favorite picture ever. <3

They made me get up on the tractor. My worry was that it might move. Hahaha.

Last outfit:

The bedroom shots. This was when they told me to do wacky faces and all I could was smile and smile and smile and twirl my hair and smile again. HAHAHA. Trust me, I can do silly things with my face, I just can't do it alone. I just felt so awkward! Hahaha.

So there goes my wacky face. Everybody says that I look like my dad. What do you guys think?

Sick of my face already? Hahaha. The perks of being a debutante, you get like 272617539149826427362846 photos from the preparation to the debut itself. It's getting nearer and nearer already! I'm quite nervous and excited at the same time!

My coordinator, Sir Ralph and the one who did my make up, Sir Gery Penaso. So sad that I didn't get the name of my photographer. All I remember was that they called her Mae. I will take note of that next time. But thank you to Sir Ralph's team for my photoshoot! Please visit their Facbook page,

Love, Paola <3


  1. these are gorgeous picture and perfect blog!! following!! extraordinary gown!!