Friday, October 14, 2011


I tried so badly to make this blog entry last night because I wanted to blog my thoughts right at the moment by when I got home, I went up the stairs and immediately retired to my bed. The day was too tiring but I enjoyed it so much. Some people might think that my title is yet another song, especially all my friends know that I'm the biggest Taylor Swift fan. But this time, no it's not a song. It's for a person I met today for the first time. Who is she? Miss Mae Paner, more popularly known as Juana Change.

Now I have to admit that I haven't really seen any Juana Change videos but I've always heard it to be so controversial and sometimes even funny. So when we saw that poster in Yuch that she was gonna give a talk and the organizers were needing audience since the activity was supposed to be their midterm exam, we didn't hesitate to sign up right away.

Oh but wait, before I go into the details of her talk, here's what I wore to school yesterday:

I love everything about this picture! The color and everything. I swear, Yuch is La Salle's most beautiful building for me! It's just photogenic everywhere.

Top and Belt - Just G. || Pants - Bayo

My pearl necklace which I also got from mom's accessories and my love connector ring that I seem to always be wearing.

So anyway, after taking the outfit shots, that's when we saw the iJuana Change talk. As you now might know, I'm a fan of good speeches. Miss Mae's speech was just so spontaneous and yet very informative, too. She talked about how she wanted to change this country because according to her words, "it sucks big time". And although I might not use the same words that she did, I think I do agree. She talked about how it's not just enough to care for your own life, for the life of your family and friends, it's important to care for your country too, because everything we do is connected. 

Please visit her youtube site and watch all her videos and be inspired and enlightened!

They gave us iJuana Change ballers after the talk! Don't you just love Yuch's yellow lighting? Cause I do!

We had our picture taken with her! She was so nice and sweet. Thank you miss Mae! You truly are fearless.

"We chose to be fearless. But being fearless is not easy." - Juana Change

That talk we attended pretty much made my day. So I'm gonna keep it short now. After school, I went straight to MOA to meet my mom and lola because they're doing grocery shopping. We ate at French Baker for dinner. It's probably one of my favorite restaurants because of it's French feel, of course. Aside from my love for Pandas and Taylor Swift, I also love Paris for a reason I don't know. I call it my PPT (Paris, Panda and Taylor Swift). Hahaha. From the placemats, to the wall designs, the number and the all around feel, everything paris!

This is the one thing I never fail to do whenever we would eat there, take picture of our number. 

Introducing my number one favorite iced tea! Drinking this used to always be part of my morning routine last summer vacation since my mom would bring home boxes of this. 

I ate their Chicken Cordon Blue! I wanted a proper meal yesterday so I ordered something on the healthy side.

All pictures are (c) Kenneth Virtudazo ( He's also responsible for my blog's new beautiful banner! Thank you so much bes! And please visit my friend, Grace de Luna's blog, She's one of the best photographers I personally know. Please visit her blog! So happy that more and more of my friends are becoming bloggers now!

Oh well, I have report to make. I have the whole Saturday ahead of me still. Have a great weekend everyone! By the way, my blog is still under construction so please wait for it to finish!

Love, Paola <3

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