Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Long Time

"In many respects, I was grieving for the loss of hope. Hope that one day we could be together."
- This is a Love Story

Okay so I just feel like sharing a very sad quote from the book I'm currently reading. This book is heartbreaking in many ways. I have more quotes like that, saved on my phone. I just feel like sharing one. Haha! Anywayyyy..

Say hello to me wearing jeans - as in real and legit jeans! It's been a long time since I last wore one! I think the last time I wore jeans was November last year. Ever since I started college, I figured out that jeans and I do not go well together. If I'm not wearing leggings, I'm wearing skirts. I find denim pants incredibly hot and a little restraining. But anyway, I missed the feel of it. It's good to not be conscious of your seating position or be worried by the wind sometimes. But the real reason why I wore them? To dress down my formal top.

 My top is like a combination of sailor moon's dress and a school uniform from Japan and those outfit that scholars wear to make them look smarter. Haha, I blame it on the collar. I think it makes the outfit different and noticeable. Imagine this paired with a cream, pleated skirt with knee high white socks and black school shoes. What do you think? :)

Top - Bayo || Pants - Just G. || Belt - XOXO

Butterfly ring - Rustan's || Owl ring - Accessorize
I only wore rings so that the accessories would not clash with the metallic color of the top. :)

Sandals - Meet My Feet
Including footwear in my outfit shots now that I still have beautiful nails. I am meant to ruin my polished nails in less than a week, so taking pictures of them now before I ruin them. 

 I can feel third term starting to slowly pour down a crash of things to do - papers to write, researches, quizzes, seminars to attend. And because of that, here I am, up early to start reviewing for everything. Yes, I woke up at 10am and that is early for me. I would still be sleeping if I didn't convinced my self last night that I would start early in the hope of finishing everything in time. Haha! I'm sure you all can relate. Good luck with all the school works! Have a nice day!

Love, Paola <3

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