Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Look Better

So last night, while I was stuck in traffic on my way to Makati, I decided to go to my old multiply account which I haven't open for a very long time and decided to read my past blogs. Reading it all again made me smile and made me remember a lot of things. I've never succeeded on keeping a diary because I think it's so secretive so I blog instead. Although, you cannot really say everything in a blog because it's public, one of my reasons why I write is because I want it to be read. I remember how having just one view of my entries would make me so happy already! Anyway, that story has no connection with this post, I just wanted to share it. Haha! So here's what I wore last Monday:

My skirt was a little long and conservative so to avoid the going to church look, I chose a shirt with a different cut. PS, this outfit looked better in person than it does in these pictures. Haha. :)

Top - Zara || Skirt - Promod || Belt - Bayo || Necklace - Guess 

Bangles - Aldo || Ring - Balikbayan Handicrafts

Thank you tita Issa and tito Ever for the Christmas gift! 
I like how it instantly spices up a plain shirt. When you feel lazy to dress up, accessorizing is the key. Put layered necklaces, stack up on bangles and statement rings. 

When I checked twitter this morning, everybody is sad on how it's only week two but there's ton of school works already. And it is something I cannot relate to since some of my professors haven't started teaching yet. They're all very chill actually. Haha. I guess I got good profs! :) Anyway, since I have nothing to do, I shall keep myself busy with this. I call it my inspiration board. The challenge is to make it inspirational as it could be. I've always wanted to have a cork board and I only got to buy one recently. I got this for the new year actually, I need to work on it now. Gotta unleash the creativity - cutting magazines, printing lyrics, finding pictures! :)

Have a happy Wednesday everyone! :)

Love, Paola <3

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