Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Early Summer Feel

My outfit yesterday gave off a little summer vibe. I'm looking forward to summer already, I know the term just started but I'm excited for summer break! My inspiration for this outfit was in fact summer itself, the summer of 2011. I was looking through our pictures during that summer. Although I didn't get to go out as much that time because I was reviewing for quali, I had enough happy experiences too. And well, if you're a La Sallian, summer just goes by in a wink of an eye so in order to feel it again, I decided to wear a summer inspired outfit.

 Summer is all about dresses and floral prints and bright colors and that's exactly what I had in my outfit.

Dress - Gift (Thanks Tiqui!) || Denim top - CC Double O 

Random Pearl Bracelets || Floral Bracelet - Gift 
For my accessories, I decided to stick with floral and pearls. I didn't wear rings anymore cause I feel like it look over the top already.

Vintage Necklace

And Tada! My top has a surprise design at the back! I love this denim piece, I'm not really sure what you call this kind of top but I will surely overuse this one. :)

Bag  - Topshop
This bag is a little too small for school so I had to hand carry some of my books and notebooks but I just can't resist using it since it goes well with the outfit. Haha!

Had lunch with these two yesterday and Andeng joined us too. Last term, we always get to see each other but now, our sched won't pretty much allow that so we make sure to meet up if we can! And of course, we ate at our forever meeting place, McDonald's. :))

Hi Andeng! :)

I just had to include this! The Ten Conyo Commandments. Haha. I had so much fun reading it in my most conyo accent. I have a pretty good one, you see. :))

That pretty much conclude my Tuesday! Today, I went out to the mall with my mom. Everything is on a crazy sale! Gift giving should be done on January. I shall suggest this coming December. So how was your Wednesday? Back in school again tomorrow! Good night! :)

Love, Paola <3

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