Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Poem for 2012

Because of lack of anything better to do, I decided to share with you this poem I made a day or two before 2012. I was rewriting it in my planner a while ago amd thought of putting it here as well. I love writing poems ever since and I was blessed with the talent of putting a little drama in everything so even a simple topic such as new year would inspire me. So here it goes. :)

It's past 12 and I'm about to sleep
But there's so many thoughts in my mind that I want to reap
So I focus on this whirlwind of thoughts and memories
Of all my plans, my what-if's and supposed to be's

So many things I want to be, so many choices, so many range
But honestly, what I'm really afraid of is change
My dreams and goals, will they ever come true?
With wasted chances and past opportunities that I want to redo

They say courage and perseverance is all it takes
That you just need to conquer your fears and forget your heartaches
With love and support from my friends and family
I know in my heart that this year is for me

Now it's time to make things happen
Find what once was lost and fix whatever's broken
Be the best version of myself cause it's time to let it shine
So I close my eyes and whisper, "2012, you will be mine."

This is what boredom does to me. I actually typed this post when I was waiting in school a while ago and noticed that I didn't get to publish it so here it is now. Just sharing! Goodnight. :)

Love, Paola <3

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