Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tamed Ruffles

It's all around dark at our house right now and there are lit candles on the table. It may sound a little fancy, like a candlelit dinner but this is far from that. It's because our neighborhood is currently experiencing a brown out. Nothing fancy there, haha. Anyway, I just took a break from studying and decided to update my blog. I update my blog almost just three times a week now because Mondays are my lazy days and I have no classes during Wednesdays so there's only 3 week days left to dress up. So here's what I wore last Tuesday:

Awkward shoulder pose right there. Haha. But I posed sideways to show how the ruffles of my skirt matches  my ruffled sleeves. When I got that skirt, I knew I had to pair it with this top. I never liked ruffles, but the ones on my outfit what I call "tamed ruffles". Just hints and not too ruffle-y. :))

Top -Mango || Skirt - Bayo

Bangles - Gift

Necklace - Forever 21

I love the prints of this skirt, I can't even remember why I doubted if it's a good purchase at first. And it's the kind of short skirt that appears to be long so its school friendly. :)

And because I love taking pictures of the things I eat, here's one. My mom and I ate at Almon Marina last Tuesday night to wait for my dad. Because of the holidays and the fiesta that just happened, I know I gained a some weight. So since exercise is not an option, cutting off a little rice in my everyday diet would solve the problem.

And the electricity's back! Yaay! Must go back to school works now. I do not like it when they pile up but sometimes they just do. Oh, and today we went to the post office to claim the package that my Ninang sent me. I only wish that people who work at government offices would smile even just a little. But anyway, guess what's one of the things that's inside the package!!!!!

A 2012 Taylor Swift calendar!! It just perfect because I have this 2011 calendar that also Taylor Swift's. And I don't feel like removing it and replacing it with just a plain calendar so this is the savior. Hi Ninang and to my cousins in the States! Thank you so much for this and the other gifts. >:D<

I have to go now if I wanna finish before 8pm to catch 2 Broke Girls and New Girl on tv. All the series we love are back on ETC so go watch now! :) Have a good night!

 Love, Paola <3

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