Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brown and Woody

Oh, the things I do for the love of blogging. The pictures you are about to see were taken at 11:30 pm. Crazy, I know. But it's just that I always seem to forget to take outfit shots in schools cause there's always something to do, somewhere to go to. And when it's dismissal time already, the sun's gone. So my only option is to wait for my dad to come home and discover parts and corners of our house with good lighting for photos. And tada! There's good lighting near our piano. :) Haha. I used to play the piano when I was young, but I stopped. And now I really want to continue again and during my last sem break, I studied some songs and tried to play again. But mostly just the intro's of the songs. Hahaha. So anyway, here's what I wore last Friday:

One of my friends told me before not to wear plaid anymore since they're out of season and overused by almost everyone. But plaids are very easy to play with and it makes dressing up a whole lot easier cause it can stand alone so accessories and all other stuff are not necessary. :)

Plaid top - Jellybean || Tank top - Gift || Leggings - Kids of bayo
Necklace - Balikbayan Handicrafts

Bag - Marks and Spencer 
I seldom include bags in my outfit shots since I don't have that much patience to change them everyday just to make it match my outfit so whenever they do, I make sure to include it.

Owl ring - Accesorize || Paris bangles - Gift

Wedges - Charles and Keith

The obligatory creative shot! :))

Better and outdoor photos to follow! :) I'll make sure to catch the sun the following days to have better pictures to share with you guys. It's the eve of Chinese New Year in just a few hours. Since I'm no Chinese, I'm not really sure if they celebrate new year as big and grand as Filipinos do or just a simple dinner but anyway, Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone! :)

Love, Paola <3

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