Friday, January 6, 2012


First two days of another term has just finished and third term has officially begun. Spent my first day with my blockmates since I went to school early. I missed hanging out with them and it was nice to finally catch up. Then second day, I had lunch with my best friend Ken. It amazes me that after many years of friendship, we just never ran out of things to talk about and stuff to do. It was a refreshing way to start the term since I am taking most of my subjects alone so I need the company of great people once in a while. :)

Anyway, the outfit the I wore during the first day got a lot of compliments. Everybody was saying that I looked thin and tall. So it's either a) true b) I just achieved the illusion I was aiming for or c) my friends just want something from me. Hahaha. But I tell you, it's not true since nobody loses weight during the holidays and my friends looked pretty sincere so I guess it's all about knowing how to wear the clothes.

I read some time ago that skirts like this have to sit on your waist. I guess the skirt's waistband and the belt achieves the illusion of being thinner. 

Skirt - CC Double O

Belt - For Me || Ring - Rustan's || Bangles - Gift
I wanted to wear something simple and comfortable on this first day so I wore the usual skirt-tee combination.  It's the accessories that bring the outfit to life. Without the belt and the necklace, it would look really plain.

Tassel Necklace - Bazaar

Wedges - Toms
And I decided to wear wedges to match my skirt which instantly gave me a few inches more! :)

 My sched is taking a lot of getting used to since I don't have early classes anymore, which I'm grateful for. But now I have night classes with little or no break at all. Some of my subjects, I am taking alone too. I just really hope third term goes well for all of us! I have great professors so far. :) So how did you start third term?

Love, Paola <3 

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  1. beautiful necklace and colors on your skirt dear!!