Sunday, March 9, 2014

Travel Diary: Vegas & Hoover Dam

Day 2 and last day of our Las Vegas trip! It may seem that an overnight trip to Vegas is not enough but I feel like I've really seen the city - although there really is so much more to see! The magic happens at night anyway. When we were driving around in the morning, I felt like the city was still sleeping, recharging for whatever the night will bring. I'll be back someday Vegas. Anyway, we spent the day roaming around The Venetian, then in the afternoon we drove up to Hoover Dam, then went back again to the city just so I could see the famous Las Vegas sign!
 Palace Station, the hotel-casino we stayed in. 
  A few bunny ears happening in this photo. Haha
 The Venetian! This mall is similar to the one in Macau, only bigger and grander. Also, the sky ceiling her seems a little brighter. It's a sunny day inside The Venetian in Vegas!
 In some parts of the mall where the sky ceiling ends, it is replaced by magnificent paintings with gold frames and structures. Every minute detail of every corner of this mall is majestic! 
 Gondola rides! 
 Venice in Vegas. It's so pretty!
 They still had on their decorations for Chinese New Year.
 Godiva strawberries. Strawberries in the US are crazy! It's so huge and cheap and so much sweeter!
 Finally got to try the chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva. I loved it!
 After touring The Venetian, we drove up for about an hour to Hoover Dam! Never thought dry mountains and deserts would be this beautiful. It goes so perfectly well with the blue skies.
 I love this photo! Good job, Daddy! 
 Hoover Dam is an arch-gravity dam in the border of Nevada and Arizona. The two states have a time difference of an hour. That's why by just taking a few steps, you get to be in another state and another timezone! Cool, right? 
 At the border, I kept thinking, "I'm currently in two places at once!" How very A Walk To Remember. Haha
 Nevada time was 2:30.
 But by just taking a few steps more, we lost almost an hour already!
 There it is!!! The famous sign! This is all there is it to it though... just a sign in the middle of the road but it's surprising how much people wanted to have a picture with it. We had to wait in line!
 The girl who took our picture (who was in a leopard costume) asked us to do different poses. Here's our not so successful jumpshot!
So much love for this photo!!! This is one of my favorites from our entire trip!

That ends my Vegas post! Time for some more Cali loving in my next posts!

Love, Paola

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