Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Day I Met Chuck E Cheese

The day I met Chuck E Cheese, I was sporting my good girl look with my white buttoned down, a midi skirt plus my uniform good girl hairstyle (I do this hairstyle whenever I want to look nice and innocent. Works everytime! Haha). To battle the cold, I then finished the look with my trusty gray cardigan which gave my look an unintentional conservatism and made it very Sunday appropriate (although this was a Monday). It's a very chill outfit, I was even wearing my sunnies till sundown since I didn't bother to fix my face at all. Perfect for the vibes of that afternoon! We were still tired from our Vegas trip so we all just met for dinner and for some arcade fun! 
Ever New top | Promod skirt | Zara cardigan | Mango loafers | Forever 21 sunnies | Cotton On silver chocker

If you don't know Chuck E Cheese, I suggest you watch The Pacifier - its the arcade and restaurant where the baby lost his diaper! Haha. This place took me back to my Timezone days! I was a Timezone baby and I have so much memories of me and my dad playing the different arcade games at Timezone that's why for a 20-year old who's entering Chuck E Cheese for the first time, I was pretty excited. Plus I was with my cousins who have double of my energy and excitement! 
The guys' table.
 The girls' table.
 The adults' table.
 Making sure that there is equality before we start using our coins. Haha
And there's Chuck E Cheese who actually volunteered himself to be in this photo! Haha, we were taking one as he passed by and then he just ended up posing with us. I love this photo since this was the first photo that we were complete!

Love, Paola

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