Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Queen Mary

Oh look at me, just happily twirling by the Queen Mary! The Queen Mary is retired ship that sailed in the North Atlantic Ocean and is now a tourist attraction at Long Beach. This set of outfit photos are my absolute favorites from our trip. Everything just fell into place! A good shot of the famous ship, a not so crowded area, perfect lighting thanks to a really sunny day and a maxi skirt that cooperated whenever I twirled and created the perfect waves of clothing! The daisy floral print of this skirt is very Marc Jacobs and I love that it's not your usual maxi since it has a black mini skirt as a base, then it's sheer all the way with high slits at the side. Just the right amount of playful!
Promod top | Forever 21 maxi skirt | Longchamp bag | Mango loafers

We spent this day touring around Long Beach. The place was very photogenic!
We visited the Shoreline Village.
Look at all the yachts!
Mexican lunch at Tequila Jacks! 
The Long Beach Harbor Lighthouse!
Adorable pastel colored shops around the village.
After lunch, we then headed to see The Queen Mary!
After touring the place, we had dinner with my Ninang's family. 
It's been lovely meeting everyone!
We then drove up to this view point where you can see all of Long Beach! It was really, really cold that night and I was in a sheer skirt but the view was amazing so I was just really taking it all in! This picture does not do justice!
That's how cold it is! My cousins had to wear their parents' sweater and cardigan. I love these cuties!

Love, Paola

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