Monday, March 10, 2014

Lilac and Lace

I've been looking for the perfect laced skirt with a nice color and a shape that I like for quite some time already. When I saw this skirt, I knew it was the one that's why even if it's a little too loose, I did not hesitate. For our entire stay, I had all my outfits planned and written down for each day. It's very detailed - like will the top be tucked in or not, what accessories I'm putting on, even the right undergarment for each clothing. I'm not always dressed up, there are days when I have on my chill outfit (just sweater, leggings and Toms) but I had that listed down too. I always make sure to put some thought in my outfits, no matter how simple they are. This outfit went off the plan. The top's not what I originally wanted to pair the skirt with but then I just deviated from my detailed list and decided to make my black tights and top as sort of a blank canvas to make my skirt shine. The matching scarf solidified the motif of the outfit (lilac, if it's not obvious yet). This is one of my favorite looks, yet another proof that sometimes going astray from your plans is not so bad! Just like how visiting this village, Solvang, was not part of out plan but turned out to be one of our favorites!
Promod top | American Eagle Outfitters skirt | EDC by Esprit jacket | Steve Madden tights | Mango loafers

Love, Paola

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