Monday, March 31, 2014

Shades of Blue in Monterey County

Today's post is set at Monterey County, a very beautiful place near Salinas which will officially start my San Francisco travel diary. We went on a three day trip to San Francisco and met up with my Ninong and Dad's best friend and his family. The weather here was so much colder compared to LA and I can't help but reminisce about it as we're facing Manila's intense heat right now! My Ninong took us around their beautiful beaches with very photogenic birds and squirrel! I never expected to be all covered up at 2 in the afternoon while under the sun.  It was a lovely day when we toured Monterey, breezy and sunny at the same time. I mean, look the sky in these photos! These had no editing whatsoever, it was simply just that beautiful!
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Our first stop was Lover's Point! A lot of weddings was held under this very tree.
Birds posing for the camera with the perfect shades of blue as their backdrop.
Still in awe, really! This place is just beautiful beyond words!
During our entire San Francisco trip, I think half of the photos we had was all birds. Haha my dad just had the time of his life with these birds. They were really photogenic! 
Thank you Ninong Dan for taking us around!
We also saw a lot of Golden Retrievers in Monterey! They all looked so fluffy!
The pretty trees at 17-Mile Drive!
Notice my uneven buttoned polo? I did it hastily by the time I got out of the car since I was excited for the view but it was unexpectedly really cold!s
The signature pose is never forgotten, of course!
Look at that fur!!!!
This beach, seriously!!! I never knew I'd appreciate beaches as much as I do now!
There are times when it suddenly hits how grateful you are for everything, this was one of those moments.

Love, Paola 

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