Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Journey on Levitation Photography

Let's take a break from all the outfit posts and travel diary to make way to something fun and interesting. Jump shots have always been my thing, even back in high school. But I only have one signature jump shot pose all this time which is Gabriella's pose on the High School Musical poster. So after a few years of doing the same pose over and over again, I kind of outgrew it. But then one afternoon, my cousin showed me this video. From then on jump shots started to become interesting again since it's not anymore just about jumping but levitating. The video inspired me and I did a little research on my own, and stumbled upon this blog. My cousin and I just tried it for fun at first, but then when we started nailing the shots, it kind of became our thing. So here's our two-week journey to levitation photography:

(the shots that almost were, but not quite)
Location: Camarillo Premium Outlets

 My first attempt for an effortless levitation (inspired by the blog above). My first struggle was that I couldn't properly point my feet.
Another struggle was that we couldn't keep a poker face. To make it look effortless, you need to have an effortless expression but on the first few shots we took, we were just laughing at ourselves!
The first attempt at our very popular (yes I call it popular, you'll see why later) Hadouken shot! This was just a self-timer photo so the lighting wasn't very good. 
 The canonball! I don't we really nailed this pose but this was very fun! Haha


 Yaaaay, my first decent levitation photo!!! 
 I loved this! It's so hard to jump that high, then do crossed legs. Good job, Jio! Genie pose! 
 Smile for the camera!
 AND HERE IT IS! Our "famous" hadouken shot!!! I call it famous since everyone who saw this picture was just amazed. This shot is so fulfilling! Haha

Location: Disneyland

 Another challenging thing we encountered was that it's a little hard to be in sync at first! We have lots of shots where one's floating but the other one's on the ground already.
 Props to us for still being able to jump like this after a really long day in Disneyland! Although we didn't really nail any shot here. Haha it was jus fun!
 Kung-fu pose!


This shot is a personal favorite! Just casually taking the picture and posing for the camera while levitating (I know, I'm praising ourselves, but I really like this shot haha)

Location: Universal Studios Hollywood

 When you feet are flexed, the tendency is for the body to lean forward. But this deserves an applause since this is his first shot, on wet ground no less!
 I had a hard time flexing my feet cause I was afraid of slipping. Check out my "I am struggling" face! 


 The perfect levitation shot! The casual pose, the people walking at the back just making the levitation more obvious and the angle of the shot making him look taller than the building! Proud moment! Haha
 My hair gave me away, but I think this is successful too! Low jump, though since I was really afraid of slipping.

Location: Universal Studios City Walk

We had so much outtakes from this post because I had no control of my legs!


 But TA-DA, we nailed it too! This is another one of my favorites!
 The High School Musical jump! For about 4 years, that was my signature jump shot pose!
 Copying King Kong at the back! I think he nailed the pose...
 But I nailed the expression! HAHA

Location: Universal Studios City Walk

 This was inspired by Derek Hough and Amber Riley's Dancing with the Stars poster. I thought we would have a problem with the height of the jump, but apparently I had to hold my hand higher!


Yaaay!  Look at our all too happy faces!

I think it's safe to say that my cousin, Jio and I are pros at jump shots already! Haha! I had so much fun with these! Thank you Jio for showing me the video that sparked our creativity and now we have a portfolio on levitation photography! To more levitation moments in the future!

But although we are the so-called pros, it wasn't just us who did it. Our family did it too!
 The dads! Barely off the floor, but still. Haha 
 The moms!
 My mom's first jump shot! Congrats, mommy!
 The girly jump with the little ones!
And the guys' creative jump!

There you have it! Hope you enjoyed this post as much as we enjoyed doing it!

Love, Paola

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