Friday, March 7, 2014


 Today's post features my favorite, versatile fur scarf and my floral printed pants that I rarely wear. This scarf was a gift and it comes with an instructional DVD that contains all the creative ways to wear it. This is one of my favorite ways - wearing it as sort of a fur coat. This pants, although I don't wear it often, is well travelled. I got in Singapore, first wore it in HongKong then now in Las Vegas. I love it for it's prints but for some reason, I think it makes my legs look big. :( Haha girl-issues! Anyway, I was glad to be wearing a dark outfit since we spent most of this day under the sun! This was when we went to Hoover Dam - I don't know why but I liked that placed so much! More on that on my next post!
H&M floral jeans | Mango loafers | Stradivarius belt

Love, Paola

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