Monday, March 10, 2014

Travel Diary: Beautiful Solvang!

Hello from beautiful Solvang!!! Solvang is a quaint, little Danish village in Santa Barbara County and you just can't describe it without using the word beautiful or any other adjective of the same meaning. It felt like we were in Europe the whole time! And Europe has been a dream of mine for so long that's why I was so happy to get a piece of it, even if it was just a replica. I've never been there but I'm pretty sure Solvang's pretty darn close with its quirky stores that sell different things from cuckoo clocks to the best smelling scented candles, European restaurants and patisseries and it's structures made to look like Danish and Scottish houses!
Every corner and every part of this place is picturesque! 
 Out of all the bakeries in Solvang, this one is the most famous.
I had fun playing tourist in a pretty place such as this. I had pictures taken everywhere!
Another awesome thing about Solvang (as if it wasn't awesome enough) is that it's full of bakeries, patisseries and little restaurants that offer free tasting. We just spent the afternoon entering one store after the other to have a bite of whatever sumptuous treat they have to offer.
 See! Look at me tasting a birthday cake flavored ice cream!
 There's this one store dedicated only to cuckoo clocks and this is just part of the store's display! I've never seen so much cuckoo clocks in my life! It's a little creepy but amusing at the same time. Haha
 Walked by a very dainty bookstore.
 International brands made to match the theme of the place.
 Look at how pretty this bakery is! Although the treats they have inside are sooooo much prettier. Haha
 We also passed by a street market in the middle of the village and they have the most perfect-looking fruits, vegetable and flowers. Look at those tomatoes!
This picture requires the popular "messy hair, don't care" caption! Haha

Thank you again to Tita Joji for taking us to Santa Barbara! I enjoyed Solvang so much!

Love, Paola

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