Monday, March 10, 2014

Travel Diary: Santa Barbara

Today's short travel diary will take you to Santa Barbara! But first let me tell you story, the day for this, we have absolutely no plans of coming to Santa Barbara (we have don't even know about the place) but then a friend of my aunt visited their place while we were resting at home and volunteered to take us around since she needed a little getaway too and she told us that our two-week trip to the states should not at all be spent at home! She was our instant tour guide! Thank you again Tita Joji for taking us around!!! Santa Barbara Pier was where I realized that I might not hate beaches at all. I've been to a few small beaches in the Philippines and I never really enjoyed it. The sun and the salt water just didn't work for me.. until California!
Look at us, all covered up in the beach! That's one more thing I love about it, since it was still winter, the weather was still cold. Combine that with California sun, it creates the perfect beach weather I prefer!
I love these palm trees! I keep gushing about them our entire stay.
The restaurants around the pier all look so good. Too bad I don't eat seafood. Haha
Around the pier are small souvenir shops that are so in theme with their decorations.
My dad had the time of his life taking pictures of birds here! They're all so photogenic and so ready for the cameras, it's like they really want their pictures taken. Haha

Right after this, we drove up to Solvang! That on my next travel diary!

Love, Paola

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