Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Travel Diary: Vegas Day 1

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas! Or so the signs says (which is not in this post since we went to it the next day, next post!). But if I were to use one word to describe Vegas, I'd use fabulous too! We arrived in the afternoon since it was a 4-hour drive from LA. In the afternoon, it was a city full of big, over the top structures but when night fell, it started buzzing! It was so alive and happy and colorful! There were signs full of big flashing lights everywhere. The hotels and the buildings started coming alive too, with their owns sounds and lights and other special effects that I wondered how much electricity is Las Vegas consuming in just one night. Haha everything was just crazy, enormous and entertaining. All kinds of people started spilling out on the streets - tourists from different places, people in costumes, a newly wed with their entourage!  
We stayed at Palace Station during this trip! 
Dinner at Denny's!
Cutie gangsters at Ross!
Night time now! This was when we slowly watched the city come alive!
We have audience at the back! Haha Jio and Tita Ces :))
We went around Caesar's Palace that night. If you think the structures outside are amazing already...
...wait till you see what's inside!
The fanciest H&M I've been to!
Caesar's Palace is just like The Venetian with its Roman structural designs, high street brands and it's sky ceiling. I wonder if sky ceilings are a requirement for Vegas malls. Haha
This was where I had my outfit shot taken (see here). This was my Tito posing for the camera, copying me :))
We also watched this show on that same fountain above. I was paying more attention to the details of their props and costumes and effects than to the actual story!
We then went around some more looking for the right exit that will lead us to the Bellagio for the dancing fountains show! It took us about an hour or so just to find it! Yes, it's that big that it took us about an hour just to find the right exit.
And we found it! Once we were out and on the street, my mind was going on overdrive absorbing the city! Everywhere I look, there's always something to see and all that time I was like, "Wow, so this is Vegas!"
Paris Hotel's Eiffel Tower!!!!
Caesar's Palace from afar. 
And we're here! The Bellagio!
Family picture time! Too bad my cousin Josh wasn't with us!
Here it is! It was worth all the time and walking we did just so we could find it! It was beautiful!

Vegas Day 2 on my next post!

Love, Paola 

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