Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Rockstar in Me

Here's an outfit that I wore at Oxygen's holiday collection launch at PFW last Friday. I always make sure to dress up according to the occasion and like what I said on my last post, I thought that oxygen was more of a men's brand. I didn't wanna go all out girly when I would be watching a fashion show that mostly included clothing pieces for guys. So I decided to unleash my inner rockstar. Yes, underneath my soft voice (that I use most of the time) and reserved personality, there's a rockstar in me. On rare days, I would choose Linkin Park and Paramore songs over my preferred artists and just blast loud music in my room! I wanted to channel that side of me for this outfit. It's fun to experiment sometimes! :))

What better way to transform yourself into a rockstar than wearing a black outfit? But to keep things interesting, I used other colors such as white balance out the colors on the outfit and red to still keep it classy and not lose all the girly-ness in me. Animal pirnts scream "FIERCE" but lace screams "I AM SO SWEET". It's an ironic combination, more of like rockstar tamed version!
Laced top - Zara || Skirt - Forever 21
Necklace - Guess
Bangles - Aldo

Belt - Just G
Ring - Aldo
Bag - Rustans
Shoes - Charles and Keith

Love, Paola <3

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  1. love the lace and the print on your skirt!! amazing bag and color on your bag!! very chic and pretty dear!!