Sunday, May 6, 2012

If Happy Ever After Did Exist

I have lost my love for jeans when I entered college after realizing how restraining and hot they can be. With all the walking I do from different buildings to taking numerous flight of stairs, I need to be in my most comfortable attire. For me comfortable spells out skirts, dresses and leggings. But with every rule, there's always an exception, right? I have this one white washed denim that I haven't lost my love for. Driving school has a dress code too (who would have thought). A1 doesn't allow us to wear skirts/shorts and any sleeveless tops. And although that is a time to take out my denim pants out of the closet once again, I only ever use this one. It must be the gold, sequined details at the back, or its white washed style or how it soft that it's almost not like denim at all. But this jeans would always be my one of the most reliable pieces in my closet! 

Although I sneakily try to bend La Salle's dress code sometimes, I don't do it with A1. What's more dress code appropriate than long sleeves and pants? Even though it's not the friendliest outfit for a day that has a 36 degrees temperature! 
Top - Just G. || Pants - Guess
Necklace - Forever 21
Flower ring - Gift || Butterfly ring - Accessorize

Bangles - Aldo

Flats - CMG
Here's a photodump of the happenings of that day!
My cousin and I have mastered the art of killing time while waiting for my mom. First we find a perfect spot which is usually either a coffee shop or a froyo place, bring out our books, put our earphones on and we wouldn't even notice we spent 3-4 hours doing that already!

My best friend told me that fish eye effect is not meant to be used on people, only for landscape photos. Well, doesn't just that take the fun out of fish eye? I'm this close to taking outfit shots with this effect! Haha!
So this explains my title. Maroon 5's Payphone is on repeat on my head! I can't stop singing it!!!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Love, Paola <3

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