Monday, May 14, 2012

Inlove With Colors

Here's an outfit for Mother's day which we spent going to church, malling and dinner out. One thing I recently noticed out of all my posts this summer is that I have been playing with colors all along! The neutrals kept quiet in my closet for 2 months! I don't do it consciously though, I'm just really attracted to pairing brights this summer. That's what summer is all about afterall! Maybe, it's also a way to make up for my quiet personality. I'm not the social butterfly I'm supposed to be and it takes some time for me to warm up around people. So maybe that's why I channel all loudness onto my outfit. Just a theory. Just one of the results of some psychological analysis I like to do sometimes! I dreamed of being a psychologist once. If only I was good in science...

Forgive my sleepy eyes, I am most definitely not a morning person. This pictures were taken in the morning right before my dad left for Boracay and I made sure to dress up 3 hours earlier than our leaving time just so he could take my pictures! Haha!
Top - Mango || Skirt - Just G.
Necklace - from Bohol

Bracelets - from Bohol
Ring - Forever 21
Sandals - T Studio

I'll make this a quick one since I'm heading out in 5 minutes but you'll probably be reading this later night. I'm just writing it early. :)) Have a good day!

Love, Paola <3

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