Saturday, May 26, 2012

First Day Blues

There are a few stories I'd like to share from the first day of my junior year. But here's one that stands out the most. One of my major classes was assigned a terror professor. Some of my friends suggested we drop the subject and go to another section. Although a big part of me wanted to do that, there's this small voice telling me, "but that's like giving up, settling for something easier." Since it will hopefully be my last whole year, my motto is "fun, fearless female" and I decided to welcome the subject with open arms. I even volunteered to be a group representative. I figured that a terror professor would be more challenging and challenges would make me so much better at what I'll do in the future. But then adjustment time came, and the academic assistant kind of advised me to change my section so that I could get another critical major class.I find it funny that just when I decided to embrace the challenge, it slips away for me! But I know my challenge will come sooner or later! I'm ready for it! :)

 Here's a fuss free outfit on my first day. I waited for five excruciating hours in line for adjustment and this outfit could not have been more perfect! I didn't wanna dress up too much since it's the first day of school. Maybe in the coming days? :))
Top - Kamiseta
Pants - Dorothy Perkins || Bag - Sakroots

 Necklace - Apostrophe 
Bangles - Aldo || Connector ring - Gift || Flower ring - Balikbayan Handicrafts

Wedges - Toms

Love, Paola <3

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