Thursday, May 17, 2012

Inspired By

Confession: sometimes the way I dress up is not all me. It's partly me and partly inspired. I get my inspiration from the most random things, a line from a song, a stranger walking down the street, favorite icons, art and the list goes on. But whenever I need to be instantly inspired, there's only one place I go to and that is *drum roll please* TUMBLR.COM! Yup! Looking for pretty models, pegs and stylish items? You name it, Tumblr has it! I have more than a thousand photos saved in my laptop from four years of using Tumblr. When I find a  pretty look that I like, I try to recreate it as much as possible but also make it my own by injecting little details like using different accessories or changing up the colors a bit. So here's a look that's part Tumblr and part me! :)

The inspiration:
I really, really, really loved the skirt in the picture. The colors and patterns are gorgeous! Partnering it with a sheer black button down makes the whole look so classy!
And Ta-da! The Look! Haha. After staring at the beautiful skirt in my inspiration, all I thought was that my colorful sunburst necklace would match it perfectly! So I decided to recreate it. Grabbed my sheer black top and a skirt that has equally interesting prints but a little more tamed colors on it! This way, the necklace is the star of the outfit. :)
Top - Details || Skirt - CC Double O
Necklace - Iora
Bangles - SM Accessories || Ring - Market! Market!
Ballerina bun to tie the whole look together (and to survive the insanely hot weather). Hey, that rhymes!
Clutch - Liz Claiborne 
Hi ninang Loren! Thank you for this! :)
Flats - Meet My Feet

Tumblr is not just a good fashion spot but it's also a source of all other "feel good" stuff as well. In a way, it lets you in on how other people feels. Anyway, did somebody notice my blog's new look? Someone please say yes. I worked on it for 5 hours since I have zero knowledge on photoshop and my html skills were long forgotten so I had start from the ground up. Google was my savior!

PS. Here's my Tumblr account.

Love, Paola <3

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