Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Girl Talk

It's amazing the pain women are able to go through in order to look good. Be it from the extremes like liposuctions and various enhancement to subtle ones like threading, waxing or just sitting in a chair for more than 6 hours while having their hair done. There are also simple pains, that more likely uncomfortable rather than painful - like wearing high heels or thick and long sleeve tops right in the middle of summer, heavy accessories or even wearing lipstick (I find lipstick so sticky). Not to mention the weird and judging stares they sometimes get from other people for doing just that. it's those sacrifices women make to look good or more likely, feel good about themselves. No matter how other people perceive it, I bow down to women who can walk around the mall wearing 4-5 inches heels. Now, that's pure talent.

So why do I talk like this? It's because one afternoon, I decided to wear these Toms wedges you see right there. I don't know what's wrong with them, they're not even high. But let me tell you, they are incredibly painful. I don't remember them being that painful! I want to wear wedges whenever going out so that I'll be able to break into my shoes. And I love the extra height. But walking for one whole afternoon in those wedges was plain torture. But my conviction was greater than the pain. Even though I brought flat shoes for driving, I refused to change into them until my driving lesson. So that, my friends, is an example of the pain women are willing to go through! Bow!
Top - Debenhams
Skirt - H&M

 Necklace - Iora
 Love ring - Gift || Ribbon ring - Accessorize
This bracelet was actually given by my dad to my mom. But seeing as how pretty it is, I actually "borrow" it most of the time.
Earrings - from Market! Market!
 Wedges - Toms
Having said all that, I know I'll still wear these. It's a shame to lock them in the closet. As I said, conviction is stronger than pain! HAHA!

Tomorrow we're going out again for piano lessons and I plan on wearing another wedges even I'm still nursing various blisters on my feet. You ask me why, I'll tell you it's all worth it with just the extra height and the way it makes you walk. Everybody tells me I'm not as tall as I'm supposed to be since basing it on my genes, I should have great height. So heels will always be my best friend!

Love, Paola <3

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