Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Me on driving

Yesterday was my first hour of driving lessons. I have two discoveries that day. One, it's not as easy as I have imagined it. Two, it's possible to tense up all your muscles for one whole hour. A1 wastes no time, in no less than five minutes I was driving down the streets of Makati. The first time I stepped on the gas, I put so much force on it that the engine went off. I was gripping the steering wheel so tightly like it was my life line (well, technically it is) that my instructor told me to loosen up since my veins were showing. He also told me to breathe since he felt like I wasn't breathing at all whenever we would turn. I was trying to focus on concentrating on my grip on the wheel, which pedal to press, looking at all the different mirrors, and ignoring all the honking I get from all the cars behind me. Please, if you see a student driver, DO NOT HONK at them. You are causing so much stress. Hahaha. Oh and I got to park the car (in about 20 minutes) and got up a ramp without falling right back down. I deserve credit! :))

Tomorrow will be my second hour and all I have to do now is to not make the car jolt to a stop every single time and to chill right out! HAHA! Mental note on that one!

Love, Paola <3 

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