Friday, June 1, 2012

Country Road

I started doing this post earlier but then I saw Tangled playing on Star Movies so I just had to stop. :)) Anyway, here's a leftover summer outfit that I didn't get to post. I wore this outfit on the last day of my piano lesson and last day of official summer vacation as well. It seemed so long ago already! I wanted to be comfortable and carefree that day, and I didn't wanna bother with my outfit. I literally just grabbed the first two pieces I saw and put them on. I was actually surprised with how decent it looked! I put on a belt to cinch my waist and added just a few earth tones accessories to match the belt's color. With my bright colored top and my floral printed skirt, it's my perfect tribute to the conclusion of my great summer!

On another note, I really think that this outfit is so country! As in Taylor Swift country! Probably because of its brown accents. All that's lacking now is a cowboy hat, patented high cut boots and a guitar!
Top - H&M || Skirt - Just G.

Necklace - From mom
Bangles - Forever 21 || Ring - Accessorize
Belt - Cache Cache || Orange ring - H&M
Flats - Meet My Feet

Love, Paola <3

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  1. love the print on your skirt and the color of your top!!