Saturday, May 19, 2012

Little Miss Nerdy

I have just discovered something new about myself - I like books under the post apocalyptic and dystopian society genre. For a girl who has an all pink bedroom, sings Taylor Swift songs and wear skirts most of the time, that is quite a discovery. I've just finished Insurgent, the second book of the Divergent Trilogy. And since none of my friends have read it yet and it's really hard not having someone to fan girl with, I will use this blog entry for that purpose. So here goes.. ASDFGHJKLAJDSJDAJHDAJD INSURGENT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!! Okay, I'm done. On to my outfit! This outfit is inspired by one of the group of characters in the trilogy called the Erudite. In the most simplest term possible, they are nerds. 

 I was little miss nerdy for one day! I found this glasses on my drawer and built my outfit around it, only by using black and white colors to emphasize simplicity and monochromatic look sometimes associated with being nerdy. Then I used chunky silver accessories to make up for the whole nerdy vibe going on and glam it up just a tad bit! Finished it off with a pink bag to put some color on the outfit. :)
 Shirt - Soda || Vest - Just G. || Shorts - Zara
Necklace - Bazaar

 Glasses - from Bazaar
 Ring - Gift
Peacock cuff - Gift
Bag - Lacoste

Better put this nerdy vibe to good use since school is starting in five days! I don't want school to start yet. :( Back to serious life again! Anyway, to all my bookworm friends, please listen to me already and read the book so that I have someone to discuss with. It's so hard to keep my mouth shut when all I wanna do is talk about Tris and Four and Dauntless and Erudite and Divergent and Amity... Okay, shutting up now! Haha, good night everyone! :)

Love, Paola <3

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  1. great glasses and cute vest dear!!
    giveaway on my blog:)