Sunday, March 4, 2012

Super Girl

 Last Friday, as I was walking along Amphi, the wind decided to blow hard. It was one of those walks that I do, the walking-fast-but-not-running-since-I-can't-really-run, good-thing-I'm-not-wearing-a-skirt-today-moment. Phew! That's one long word dash word statement. So anyway, I love a cool, strong wind. It's instant polaroid photo moment. Hair blowing, casual smile, model walk. That's practically what goes inside my head whenever a cool wind greets me. But last Friday, I added another mental note to my polaroid photo moment. I felt like a superhero that time! Why?

Well because of this flow-y cover up, that's why! I liked how it's short at the back, leaving the dramatic feel it gives off just in front with its long drapes. I really did feel like a very girl superhero in pink and florals! :))

Top - Forever 21 || Cover up - Gift || Leggings - Kids of Bayo

Necklace - Accessorize

Love ring - Bazaar || Owl ring - Accessorize || Bangles - H&M

Flats - Yosi Samra
I've been hearing such good comments about Yosi Samra flats since last year. I've even read somewhere once that it was the "softest flats today". All I can say is that they did not disappoint! *thumbs up* :)

So what's your Superhero moment? In one of our recollections, we were asked to draw a superhero that would embody ourselves. And since drawing is the least of my talents, I came up with a stick person. I just added a cape. Ha! I feel so clever. HAHA! But anywyay, we we're asked to name our superhero. First I named mine Super Girl. Thinking how that was so unique in itself, I decided to change it and just go with Paola. I remember saying during the group sharing that "I named it after myself to remind me that there's a bit of superhero in each one of us." Then my group mates kind of went aww. So that's how I passed art classes for the past 10 years. Explanation over drawing. Works everytime! 

Love, Paola <3

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  1. beautiful colros!! amazing vest and printed top!!